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  • Q Do you have product checking list ?

    A Of course we have , product should be check every week .

  • Q How long should we install one set playground ?

    A It takes 3 person 2 days to install one set playground .

  • Q Do you have products can be use in home ?

    A We have many products can be used in home , like small slide ,and deck toys .

  • Q Can you design the playground equipment according my budget

    A Of course ,We have a  professional design team to desin according your budget, field size, theme. 
  • Q What is the quantity you can produce a month

    A We can produce 30sets a month.

  • Q How many colours does your plastic products can be choose ?

    A Our plastic products have many colours , our catalogue marked .

  • Q How can we recognize the component from which set ?

    A Every playground we will stick different colour stickers , and every component  have their own number .

  • Q Do you have packing list for every playground after loading ?

    A Yes, we have , we will give you packing list for every playground ,

  • Q Do you have net climber? Produce by yourself or buy from Other factory ?

    A We produce net climber by ourselves, it is hand made ,so it takes a lot of time.
  • Q What is the material of your clamp?

    A Our clamp have 2 kinds , one is Aluminum , another one is plastic ,mostly we use the aluminum clamp

  • Q What is the diameter of your uprights base plate?

    A Normally our base plate diameter is 23cm,there are 3 holes in the plate

  • Q What is the thickness of your metal product paint ?

    A The thickness of the metal product paint is nearly 1.5mm

  • Q Do you check the products before shipping to customer

    A Every Produce process we will check the product quality.

  • Q What you need us provide ,if we have design needs your help

    A It require exact site dimension, and design requirement .

  • Q Can you do customer made products

    A Normally Metal ,wood products can customer made , but plastic needs make new molding if customer want customer made ,the cost needs be paid by customer .

  • Q how long is your company brands?

    A Our company brands have nearly 15 years history .

  • Q What is the advantage of your company ?

    A Our advantage: product quality ,production machine ,Design team , research and development and so on

  • Q Which one is better ,rotational molding and blow molding ?

    A Rotational molding will be better , rotational products quality are much better .

  • Q What is the product process ?

    A Our main product process is Rotational molding , ,also have Blow molding and injection molding .

  • Q Which one is better, PVC coated ,powder paint

    A PVC coated will be better, PVC coated have skid resistance function, also PVC coated is soft can protect children from damage .

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