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What principles should children follow in scientific exercise?

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1. The principle of comprehensive exercise

The human body is a complete unity. Although its various parts of tissues, organs and systems have relative functions, they are interconnected and affect each other. Only full exercise can promote the overall development of the whole body. Otherwise, it will cause unbalanced and uncoordinated physical development. This is especially important for young children who are in the developmental stage. Studies have shown that the physiological changes and adaptations in the human body caused by different exercise content are different. For example, running exercise can increase the vital capacity of students: single and parallel bars exercise can increase the strength of hands and arms. And comprehensive exercise can complement and promote these benign adaptations, so that physical fitness and athletic ability can be comprehensively developed and improved. Therefore, comprehensive exercise is an important principle.

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2.The principle of gradual progress

The stimulation of physical exercise by the human body promotes changes in function, which is a process of gradual adaptation, development and improvement under repeated repetitions. In other words, through physical exercise, the process of developing physical fitness and basic activity ability to achieve physical fitness enhancement is an orderly and gradual exercise effect, which cannot be achieved overnight, as the saying goes, "You can't be fat with one bite." Therefore, the physical exercise of children must be gradual. Otherwise, not only will it not be able to obtain the exercise effect of improving athletic ability, but it will damage your health and even cause physical damage.

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3. The principle of differential treatment

An important principle of modern education is to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and physical exercises in sports activities for children should also be treated differently. Facts have proved that even in a group of the same age, there will be differences in many factors such as gender, physical fitness, physical fitness, and genetics. Therefore, physical exercise must be treated differently in terms of exercise content, method and amount of exercise according to the actual situation of the students, otherwise it will cause some people to "not eat enough" and some people "cannot eat" phenomenon. For example, when doing long-distance running exercises, it is not possible for both male and female students to practice 800M long-distance running, but should be treated differently according to gender and personal physical fitness.

4.The principle of regular exercise

From a biological point of view, the development of the human body and the enhancement of physical fitness are a long process of continuous adaptation, accumulation and gradual improvement. It cannot be "immediate", nor can it be done once and for all. According to the principle of "use advancement, abolishment and retreat", the human body's adaptation and change law to physical exercise is: regular exercise leads to progress and development, and non-persistent exercise leads to regress and weakening. Therefore, the physical exercise of young children should be unremitting and persevering, instead of "fishing for three days and drying the net for two days", otherwise the effects of the original exercise will fade.

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Knowing the physiological characteristics of the above-mentioned children and the principles of scientific exercise, the teacher will have a definite target when arranging students to do physical exercises, and be aware of it.

Generally speaking, the purpose of physical exercises in children and teenagers is to cultivate their interest in sports, educate them to correctly understand the relationship between good health and good learning, and provide them with a leisure and relaxation after the intense cultural lessons. The opportunity to serve for better learning in the future. Therefore, the form of sports in this period should be developed in the form of games, so that children can enjoy the fun of sports without excessive consideration of tactics and comprehensive technical training. I think that with the joint efforts of the school and parents, children will grow up healthier and more fun! Let us work together to create a more comfortable environment for the healthy growth of children!

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