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What is the return on investing in children's amusement parks?

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This article mainly discusses the return on investing in children's amusement parks.

Now with the economic conditions getting better and better, people's entertainment demand is getting higher and higher, and the leisure and entertainment industry is increasingly prosperous. Children's amusement parks have attracted extensive attention from many investors and become leaders among them. Many investors are now considering investing in children's amusement parks, but because of the lack of relevant experience, they are afraid of deviations in the benefits after investment. Investment cost and profit are one of their most concerned issues. Everyone wants to know how much money is invested in children's amusement park? How much is the profit? Today we Wenzhou Migo Playground Equipment Co., Ltd to analyze for you.

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1. How much does the children's amusement park invest

(1) Rental fees for children's amusement park venues

The rent of the site is related to many factors, such as the size of the site, the location of the site, whether it is a first- or second-tier big city or a small town, a central lot or a surrounding lot, etc. These will all involve the rent of the site, different regions, different lots The required cost also varies. Note: It is recommended that children's playgrounds be located in densely populated areas such as communities, supermarkets, shopping malls, kindergartens, and street shops. However, the site rent in the county town is definitely much cheaper than that in the urban area. The rent in the county town is about 30 yuan per square meter per month. If you use your own venue to open a children’s playground, then you don’t need to consider the rent problem at all. You also save A large sum of money.

(2) Decoration costs for children's amusement parks

The main body of the children's paradise is children, so the decoration style should meet the children's preferences, such as candy style, forest style, marine style, etc. that children like. The colors can be brighter to attract children. So whether children's playground should be hardcover or simple, this should be decorated according to their own budget. The cost of ordinary decoration is about 300 yuan/㎡, for a children's playground of 100㎡, the decoration cost is about 30,000 yuan.

(3) Purchase cost of children's series amusement park amusement equipment

After the venue is determined, you need to look at the equipment configuration in the children's playground program. The more functions designed in the program, the more accessories, the higher the price, so this is also an important factor related to price. For example, naughty castles generally charge by the square, 500-800 yuan per square meter. The specific cost is closely related to the investor's own needs and the project allocated. There are many items in the children's naughty castle, such as slide, ball pool, happy octopus, coconut tree, treasure ship, color roller, pagoda, peanut carousel, swing carousel, water slide and so on. In addition, you can add some manual DIY items.

(4) Later investment costs

Employee expenses: If necessary, you can hire suitable amusement park staff. It is recommended to recruit teachers with experience in preschool education, which is enough to guide children to play correctly. The cost of an employee is about 2500-3000 yuan/month.

Equipment cleaning cost: If the scale is small, you can clean it yourself, and then find someone to clean it once a week or regularly. If the scale is large, it is necessary to invite people to clean it every day.

Publicity investment cost: If you want children's paradise to be popular, publicity and promotion must be indispensable. You can choose to distribute leaflets in areas with many children; rent billboards at nearby bus stations and subway stations; and also promote online, which may receive unexpectedly good results. Publicity and promotion as a monthly fixed expenditure, around 1,000 yuan.

Operating expenses: operating children's paradise, as well as water and electricity expenses, office supplies, etc., which are below 1,500 yuan per month.

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2. Return on investment of children's amusement parks

The profit of the children's park mainly lies in the income from membership cards, ticket income and peripheral products.

Membership card revenue is the main means of rapid return of funds for children's playgrounds, and it is also an important part of the profitability of children's playgrounds. Ticket revenue is a basic guarantee for the profitability of children's playgrounds, while peripheral products expand the profitable channels of children's playgrounds. Generally speaking, small and medium-sized children's parks can recover costs in about six months. If managed properly, it will not be a problem to pay back in two or three months. It can be seen that small and medium-sized children's parks have low investment, quick return, high profits, and the rapid expansion of the children's market. The newly-developed children's parks cannot meet the market's needs. There is still a lot of space for investors to develop. It is indeed a Gold market. Large-scale children's parks can also consider advertising profits, cooperate with nearby stores, and hang advertisements in stores to charge advertising fees. In general, the higher the investment, the greater the return. Based on the experience of a children's playground, the investment in the children's playground can be recovered within half a year to a year. Since the children's playground is a one-time investment, after the initial investment is recovered, there is no need to invest too much in the later period, which is basically a net profit.

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