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What is a percussion instrument?

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Introduction: This article mainly explains what is percussion, knowledge of popular musical instruments, and enters the world of musical instruments.

Percussion instruments are also called "percussion instruments", which means that they strike the body of the instrument to make a sound. Some of them are percussion instruments with fixed pitches, such as Yun Gong, chimes, etc.; others have percussion instruments without fixed pitches, such as clapper, clapper, plate drum, waist drum, tambourine, etc. According to the different pronunciation styles of percussion instruments, they can be divided into two categories:

(1) "Geming musical instrument", also called "membrane musical instrument", is an instrument that is produced by hitting the skin or leather membrane on the instrument, Such as various drum instruments;

(2) "Body Musical Instruments", which sounds by hitting the body of the instrument, such as bells, wooden fish, various gongs, cymbals, bells, etc.

percussion instrument

Most percussion instruments have a certain sound, even the sound of the drum. But in general, the classification of percussion instruments is to see whether a musical instrument has a certain pitch. The timpani, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, bell, tube clock, ancient cymbal and carillon all have certain pitches. Bongos, bass drums, sand mallets, castanets, castanets, cowbells, cymbals, sand balls, gear rattles, spoons, wooden fish, tom drums, timbal drums, triangle irons, vibrators, wipers, whips , Nan Bangzi generally has no definite pitch. But some percussionists determine the pitch of their drums before recording records or playing special works. There are two types of gongs with fixed pitch and no fixed pitch. Western gongs generally have no fixed pitch. Hanging cymbals also have definite pitches, but they are rare.

In addition, percussion instruments are also divided into membrane and musical instruments. Membrane instruments are covered with a film that strikes the membrane to produce sound, such as a drum. The self-sounding instrument can sound itself, such as a triangle. The tambourine is both a membrane-sounding instrument and a self-sounding instrument.

percussion instrument

Chinese instrument

There are many unique percussion instruments in China. Some of these percussion instruments are still in use, and some are no longer in use (such as chimes). Many of these traditional percussion instruments are an indispensable part of traditional Chinese art, such as chimes, drums, gongs, and cymbals in Chinese dramas, or the clapper and castanets used in storytelling. 

Percussion instruments are rarely used in traditional Chinese music, and percussion instruments (except xylophones and chimes) are generally regarded as inferior instruments. In the Spring and Autumn and Warring States literatures, for example, there are articles mocking Qin's percussion music.

percussion instrument

Western musical instruments

The most commonly used is the timpani, whose purpose is only to enhance the momentum of the music. Then come the snare drum, big snare drum, cymbals, xylophone, etc. However, later the music gradually diversified, so the rich rhythm of percussion instruments was used effectively. At the beginning of the twentieth century, wind music began to develop. Various percussion instruments were slowly developed and improved, and the composer was able to use various acoustic effects to make the music more changeable. Then the snare drum and timpani in percussion became key percussion instruments, which can lead the whole band to the direction and beat, which is equivalent to deputy conductor.

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