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What are the themes of the parent-child park

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1. Science-based parent-child theme park

The key to the recreational parent-child theme park of Science Spectrum is tailor-made for children over the age of six. The key to playground facilities is led by popular science propaganda, which enhances the elements of interaction and communication in popular science machinery and equipment, which in turn arouses children Interests in scientific research. For example, the Changzhou China Dinosaur Park, the application scenario construction method reproduces the unique living conditions of the Mesozoic era, so that the Chinese Tyrannosaurus Rex Museum has raised the awareness of the traditional history museum and has become a deterrent, integrating natural history, scientific notation, appreciation, and amusement equipment. , Participate in the contemporary new-style dinosaur museum, which is a popular tourist city and a popular science propaganda industry base with strong amusement equipment.

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2. Adventurous parent-child theme park

The key to adventurous parent-child theme parks is the design plan for children over three years old. According to the design plan, there is a certain interesting new project that allows children to shape heroic, strong and unyielding personality in the game and entertainment. For example, the Beijing Explorer Parent-Child Theme Park is a new and comprehensive parent-child theme park. For children and children who like to drill, climb, slide, roll, sway, swing, jump, sway and other natural design schemes, the key is suitable for testing. Children aged 3-16 who are expanding their experience. The park is conducive to making full use of children's charm and imagination. In addition, the human body gains exercise while traveling. It is conducive to improving the children's personal qualities such as arrogance, unwillingness, and the courage to take risks, so as to make the children more physically and mentally. Healthy and healthy growth. In addition, it is beneficial to shape the heroic individuality of children and children, exercise speed, energy, balance, harmony and other qualities, so as to enhance physical fitness, brain and intelligence.

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3. Fun parent-child theme park

The design plan is based on the core concept of children's learning and training while playing, and some new educational projects are developed according to the design plan, so that children can get professional knowledge from them while having fun, so that they can learn and play without delay Purpose. For example, Wuhan Wanda Parent-Child Theme Park is Wanda's first flagship store in the country. The key to this parent-child theme park is for children aged 3-12 and their parents' homes, there are more than 30 large and medium-sized high-tech experience machinery and equipment and more than 100 parent-child interactive exchange amusement equipment, and interesting themed experiences of indoor space and parent-child art Creative hotel. Let children have fun while playing, enjoy learning and training, and strengthen their physical fitness, promote growth and development, and enhance interaction and communication among children.

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4. Position experience parent-child theme park

Parent-child theme parks for job experience. This kind of new projects have a variety of types and changes in content. Different new projects can be developed and designed for the different characteristics of children of different ages. The key purpose is to allow young children to experience some of the standards for adults entering the workplace in a special natural environment. Children register for work, experience the daily life of adults in games and entertainment, and learn and train social development during participation. Professional knowledge. For example, Xilecheng Children's Career Experience Park is a service platform that takes children's experience and children's entertainment as the key driver, integrates the application of Internet big data, and records the growth of children in various ways. It develops a strong fusion of children's experience and children’s entertainment, and allows children to master social development, shape ideals, and plan new industries in the future based on the role of adults in various fields.

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