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What are the prospects for investing in children's playgrounds?

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Introduction: This article mainly introduces the investment prospects of children's playgrounds

Children's playground introduction

Children's playgrounds are specialized educational services for children aged 0-6 to grow up. Unlike other amusement institutions, children's playgrounds must focus on children's safety. 

High market demand for children's playgrounds

Fun and active are the nature of the child. The child's biggest hobby is to play various games with his companions. The game is also a part of the child's daily life in the park. For the child, all the games that they do are happy and enjoyable They all like it. Provide children with enough space for activities, create a relaxed and free psychological environment for children, and let children have fun when playing games with enough space. Therefore, children's playgrounds have a wide and stable market demand.

Diversity of children's playgrounds

There are many kinds of children's playground equipment on the market and different functions. Generally, children's playground equipment is divided into the following categories:

1. Educative and entertaining type: such as Ma Liang painting aquarium, Zhiyong Chongguan and so on. Such children's playground equipment allows children to get happiness and knowledge from the game while participating in the game.

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2. Role-playing type: indoor children's play projects such as children's simulated driving school, children's professional experience hall, live-action CS, etc. This kind of children's playground equipment is developed according to the psychological characteristics of children of different ages, and the corresponding games developed have relevant educational significance.

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3. Children's parent-child type: such as parent-child baking and ceramic art museum, etc. This kind of children's playground equipment develops a series of project courses that require parents and children to work together to meet market demands. To a large extent, it caters to the interests of parents and children.

4. Popular science entertainment type: amusement projects such as VR series and interactive projection series. This kind of children's playground equipment adds interactivity and participation in science popularization equipment and facilities, integrates games into scientific principles, and enhances children's interest in science.

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Huge investment return on trampoline park

First, let's analyze what funds are needed to open a children's playground. The area of the children's playground can be large or small, from tens of thousands to tens of thousands of squares, and the investment capital is affected by many factors, the span of funds required is also very large, and a small children's playground can be opened for tens of thousands. If you want to open a large one, there are millions or even tens of millions.

The most important funds for children's park investment are spent in three parts: equipment cost, venue rent, and personnel cost.The equipment cost should consider the first phase equipment cost, equipment maintenance cost, and later equipment cost. In other words, some equipment only costs 200,000, but your maintenance cost and the cost of the equipment that needs to be followed up later are higher, so it is not as high as your one-time investment, which will be more cost-effective compared to it. Due to the difference in the city, the rent of the venue will also be different. Usually, the investor chooses how big a children's playground is according to his investment budget. The cost of personnel should be analyzed according to the specific situation. Small children's parks can save this investment, while large children's parks, the larger the scale, the higher the personnel costs.

Then, let's calculate the income. The profit of the children's park mainly lies in the income from membership cards, ticket income and peripheral products. Membership card revenue is the main means of rapid return of funds for children's playgrounds, and it is also an important part of the profitability of children's playgrounds. Ticket revenue is a basic guarantee for the profitability of children's playgrounds, while peripheral products expand the profitable channels of children's playgrounds. Large-scale children's parks can also consider advertising profits, cooperate with nearby stores, and hang advertisements in stores to charge advertising fees. In general, the higher the investment, the greater the return. 

After calculation, we will find that Children's Paradise is indeed a project with easy investment and quick profit.And we can design any customized outdoor children's playground according to your requirements.

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