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What are the most classic indoor children's playground equipment

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Indoor children's playground amusement equipment is like music, although new products are emerging, leading a wave of fashion trends. However, it is not difficult to find that these new things will eventually be attributed to silence, and the classics are still circulating.

In recent years, the indoor children's playground equipment market is surging, and new amusement equipment is constantly emerging. From the rainbow net to the million ocean ball pool, to the super-large trampoline and EPP building blocks, to the devil slide...constantly refreshing the children's play experience, bringing them a lot of surprises.

Children's amusement park

However, it is not difficult to find out that these new products are developed on the basis of existing amusement equipment. They are only extended and expanded in scale, quantity and appearance, but their classic gameplay No substantial changes have taken place.

Therefore, for the purchaser of indoor children's playground equipment, if they purchase around the children's favorite classic amusement equipment, they can naturally buy the amusement equipment that is really loved by the children, and they can also take the lead in the fierce market competition. Opportunity to become a big winner. So, what are the more classic indoor children's playground equipment?

1. Slide

Children's amusement park

The slide is a classic of indoor children's playground equipment. Children have always been interested in honey on the slide. As one of the must-buy amusement equipment in the indoor children's playground, there is always no shortage of interesting children around the slide.

Based on the children's strong interest in slides, Gao Ledi designers have launched small combined slides, double slides, spiral slides, roller slides, open large skateboards, devil slides, etc. for indoor children's playgrounds. There is no suspense, every style of slide has been loved and welcomed by children without exception.

2. Ocean Ball

Children's amusement park

As the best partner of the slide, Ocean Ball is a classic in another indoor children's playground equipment. It not only provides safety guarantee for children's play activities, but also allows children to learn tossing, throwing and other movements, as well as skills such as color discrimination and point counting. It can be described as "perfect" with amusement equipment such as slides, rainbow nets, Zhiyong Daguan, net cages, etc., and has achieved one classic after another.


Children's amusement park

Children grow up slowly while jumping, and trampolines are naturally loved by children. Whether it is a single trampoline with a very high frequency, or a super large trampoline that was so popular some time ago, the attraction of the trampoline for children has never diminished.

4. Checkpoint amusement equipment

Children's amusement park

Level-type amusement equipment includes human-shaped piles, plum-pile piles, drill holes, swing bridges, boxing bags, single-wood bridges and many other types. It is either set on the second floor platform or combined with the ocean ball to form an independent competitive amusement center. For children, each small level is a small challenge, allowing them to experience the pleasure of the challenge and the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after the success of the challenge.

5.Sand pool

Children's amusement park

Almost every child has a set of sand shoveling tools, which shows that their interest in sand should not be underestimated. As a relatively cost-effective indoor children's playground equipment, sand pool is a good choice.

6.Climbing amusement equipment

Children's amusement park

Rainbow ladder, rainbow net, net cage, climbing frame, etc. are all designed and developed based on children's interest in climbing. In indoor children's playgrounds, climbing amusement equipment is also essential, and they exist in various forms. For older children, climbing equipment is more challenging and more popular.

Like other industries, new products are constantly emerging in the indoor children's playground equipment market. But change is not far from its sect. Most of the new indoor children's playground play equipment is derived from the existing play equipment. What has changed is only the form, not the classic gameplay. Knowing the children's preferences, you can naturally buy amusement equipment loved by children.

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