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What are the differences between children's combined slides and other slides

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For the park operator, the slide is no different. Because the type of slide is not important, it is often not known which slide is more popular when purchasing. There are many types of slides, and children's slides can be roughly divided into single other slides and children's combined slides. So what is the difference between children's combined slide equipment and other single slides? Which is more beneficial to park operators?

Children's playground equipment

First of all, what is a slide?

Slides are comprehensive sports equipment, and slide activities can only be carried out by climbing. Children need firm will and confidence to play the slide, which can cultivate their brave spirit. When children "swish" down, they can enjoy the joy of success. Slides are a kind of sports equipment for children. They are commonly found in kindergartens or children's playgrounds. They are suitable for children aged 3-6. There are also special-purpose slides, such as life-saving slides. The slide is equipped with a ladder on one side of the high shelf, and an inclined skateboard on the other side (generally there are two types of straight and curved). Children go up the ladder and slide down the inclined board.

Children's playground equipment

1.Children's combined slide equipment functions far better than other slide equipment

Children's combined slide is a children's playground equipment. The complete set of facilities usually includes doors, bridges, slides, tops, ladders, handrails, decks, columns, slides, climbing tubes, and rope nets. A single slide equipment has only certain functions.

2. Children's combined slide equipment can be designed in a larger range

Children's combined slide equipment, as the most popular equipment in the park, has the advantage that it can be designed according to diversified designs, and unique combined slides can be customized according to customer needs. Children's combination slides can be freely combined, and the connecting part is live. You can specify which part you want or which part you don't want. The materials are determined according to economic input. Other slide equipment can only be designed in the appearance, shape, height and length of the slide.

Children's playground equipment

3. Children's combined slide equipment is very comprehensive

A single other slide can be divided into straight, curved, long and short. The types of slides are wood, metal, stone, plastic, inflatable, rubber, and even made of ice. In terms of shape, there are various styles such as straight, roller, rotating, high, and low, but the single slide equipment is not strong in multi-purpose type. The changes in shape, height, and design cannot satisfy park operators for multi-level consumer groups. The unique and ever-changing game design of children's combined slides enables playground builders, kindergartens, and communities to create unlimited joy and attraction in a limited space. The style is fashionable, generous and high-end.

Compared with children's combined slide equipment and other slide equipment, combined slide equipment has obvious advantages. Therefore, when choosing a slide, you should understand which children's slide equipment manufacturers have the ability to make children's combined slide equipment.

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