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Top 10 promotional programs commonly used in trampoline park marketing

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The main purpose of the trampoline park's marketing activities:

1. Enhance the image of the paradise

2. Improve the popularity of the park

3. Increase the short-term turnover of the park

There are many ways of marketing, whether it can achieve the desired effect, and whether it matches the marketing objectives have a great relationship.

Trampoline park

1.Premiums: Trampoline parks use premiums for marketing activities, then the choice of premiums will be very important. It should reflect the trampoline brand, style quality, etc., to avoid low-value premiums that arouse consumer aversion and avoid uninnovative premiums from affecting the brand impression. 

2. Lottery: This method is the fastest marketing plan to see the marketing effect and can quickly gain popularity. This exciting sweepstakes added to the advertisement will increase consumers' understanding and interest in the park; but it may also cause a sense of loss for the majority of players who have not won the prize.

Trampoline park

3. Trial experience: This kind of marketing method has a higher cost. When doing activities, you must control the number and objects of the demo players. Under normal circumstances, it will rarely have a negative effect unless the amusement items in the park are not interesting. 

4. Guess the puzzle: This way can be used to find short-term marketing effects. The guessing game is an immediate game for numbers and other interesting features, but it does not help the image of the park much, nor does it destroy the brand image of the park. The question-and-answer guessing game allows players to learn some knowledge during the guessing process, and it may increase the player's understanding of the park, which will benefit the brand image of the trampoline park.

5. Competition: Strong practicality, unlike the lucky draw, it is necessary to combine intelligence, physical strength, skills, so that people can not get without work, marketing activities in the form of competitions are more meaningful, and when the competition is released, it can strengthen the trampoline paradise Breadth. Such as naming competitions can quickly increase the brand's popularity and people's understanding of the trampoline park.

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6. Renewal rewards: The loyal fans in the paradise will continue to consume even without the method of renewal rewards, but people generally prefer immediate rewards, so renewal rewards are used to maintain the loyalty of players to the brand, not necessarily better than advertising The effect is good. But when trampoline parks improve their brand image through advertising, this method can be used to help marketing.

7. Value-added service: It is an add-on product that contemporary consumers like and pursue and can make good use of it. In the initial stage of the opening of the park, the activities of the park can fully attract consumers and attract fans, and then cooperate with advertisements to stimulate consumers' desire to play.

8. Gift certificate: The popular point is the price reduction promotion. Gift certificates often need a high-end sense, so the design is noble and the print quality is better. Adding a gift certificate to the advertisement is not bad, and it can stimulate consumers to experience the store.

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9. Hospitality voucher: It has a good effect on brand impression and corporate image, and has positive energy meanings such as culture, entertainment and health. It can be carried out at the same time with brand advertising and will not have a negative impact. Ways of marketing can strengthen the loyalty of players, and can achieve the effect of short-term promotion.

10. Discount coupons: Common marketing methods will affect the brand image of the park. Marketing in this way should minimize the negative effects. You can start with specific objects and the value of the discount coupon itself. Putting in place can increase the attention of trampoline park brands, such as magazines.

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