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The role of children's toy fence

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Many people are wondering, is it necessary to buy a children's playpen? The existence of a thing must have its meaning, so what is the role of children's toy fence?

Children's playground equipment

1. Free your mother's hands

This is the main reason that attracts many mothers to buy children's playpens. Moms can think about it, is your baby sticking to yourself all the time, and if you want to leave the toilet or answer the phone, you are afraid that the baby will fall and knock? With a children's playpen, Bao Ma can do her own thing even if she let go. The baby is safe in this area.

And if there is no children's playpen, the baby will crawl out of the crawling mat from time to time when learning to crawl, which increases the risk of the baby.

Of course, mothers can't let their babies play alone in the enclosure all the time. The babies need to be accompanied, so they must spend their time with them so that they can grow up healthily!

2. Game Kingdom

Children's playpen can divide the home into a separate area, which is a "territory" belonging to the baby. Babies can play freely in this area. All toys are their own. They can also exercise their independence and develop their brains. Occasionally, if there are other little friends coming as a guest, you can invite him to visit his kingdom and play together hahaha~

Another very practical thing is that Baoma can put all the toys belonging to the baby in this enclosure, which is cleaner and tidy than the whole house is toys. You can also buy a storage rack and put it in the enclosure. Which one you want to play Which.

Children's playground equipment

3. Toddler

A good children's playpen does not have to worry about your baby being pushed down or pushed. Babies of the right age can hold on to the playpen to practice standing or toddlers. When the baby is learning to walk, parents must remember not to pull the baby's arm or hang the baby's arm to "help" the baby to learn to walk. This will damage the baby's bone development.

Moms don't have to worry that babies will use the fence as a pedal to “escape”. Brand merchants will not design gaps in the fence that can allow babies to climb. Even if there is a gap, it is not small enough for the baby to climb. Worried about this problem. Moms should pay attention to whether the baby's height has exceeded the applicable height of this fence.

4. Fun puzzle

Generally speaking, a good children's playpen will have a [educational toy bar], which will more or less contain these 5 minutes of play. The five ways of playing, touching, pressing, turning, rolling, and counting can promote the baby's brain development, train the baby's audiovisual and visual perception capabilities, and can cultivate the baby's concentration.

In this way, even if there are no other toys in the enclosure, the baby can play in it for a while. Some careful brand merchants will spend a lot of time on this toy bar. For example, pressing a certain part will make a sound to attract the baby's attention, and the parts of the touch panel will be 3D protrusions to improve the baby's tactile perception. When buying these fences, moms can look at the details, which can reflect the professionalism and care of a brand, and the products will naturally not be bad.

Children's playground equipment

Now you know why so many mothers choose children's playpens, right? In addition to the most attractive "liberation of mother's hands", you can also exercise your baby's independent ability and develop your brain. There are hesitating mothers around you. Let them hurry up and don't let the baby miss this age of play. Then the baby will lose a lot of fun~

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