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The profit method of children's playground

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1. Ticket income

The main income of the children's park is the ticket income. Generally, the income of a single ticket is 15-50 yuan per child per person. The specific ticket price can be based on the local consumption level, as well as the parent's income and the proportion of expenditure on the child, and the store location Comprehensive consideration of the road section, adults, as children's company, do not charge tickets, but they are the real consumers.

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2. Membership card income

In the children's playground, the membership card atmosphere is monthly, quarterly, and annual. When it comes to membership cards, one has to talk about why membership cards can attract customers. The main reason is the preferential price.

3. Retail beverage revenue

Entertainment and food are inseparable, especially for children. The children's playground can set up a bar to sell some snacks and drinks. Although compared with the children's playground, snacks and drinks have lower profits, they can be used as a kind of attraction for children. the way.

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4. Souvenir income

Children's parks with better experience will require children to wear socks or compliant socks to enter the play, and souvenirs such as plush toys will be sold in the waiting area. Socks and souvenir revenues also form part of the children's park profit model.

5. Other income

In the children's playground, there are many other incomes, and their added value has a lot of room for improvement, such as parent-child activities, parent-child competitions, photo commemoratives, etc., which are expensive. However, this kind of very experience activity is popular with parents and children. They are favored and praised.

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