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The importance of outdoor games in early childhood education

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Introduction: Outdoor games are popular with young children as a fun activity. Outdoor games are usually bouncing, which has positive significance for promoting the growth and development of young children, improving physical fitness and exercising their ability to adapt to the external environment. Therefore, outdoor games are also a very important educational practice activity. This time to discuss the importance of outdoor games for early childhood education and related applications, I hope to provide reference for relevant units.

As a basic activity form for children, outdoor play is a unique social activity that is very suitable for the growth and development of children. Based on different game items, it can fully stimulate children's abilities of imitation and imagination, and provide help for their healthy growth and better integration into society. For young children, playing is their nature, and games are the most important practical activities that are most in line with their happy growth and development, and have important significance for their growth. In addition, outdoor games also contribute to the development of children's autonomy, exploration of the unknown, and the ability to discover and solve problems, which can bring more joy and satisfaction to them through the knowledge, experience, and accumulation of life experience.

Children's outdoor activities

1 .Analysis of the importance of outdoor games

Early childhood education is the initial stage of human education, and it is an important cornerstone for future higher education. In order to ensure the healthy development of the body and mind in the early childhood, and cultivate a healthy and uplifting psychology, it is necessary to add game education to the actual early childhood education. At this stage, a series of game projects for young children have been included in the scope of educational programs. Games, especially outdoor games, are an important activity that is in line with children's happy and independent development, and promote the continuous improvement of their intelligence and physical strength. In addition, games are also popular entertainment activities for young children, which are in line with the growth and development characteristics of young children and can create more joy for them. In the game, each child will be fully respected and effectively promote the construction of their mental health.

In addition, outdoor games are also an important source of children's self-generated high-level psychological phenomena, and at the same time they are also the main form of self-social growth. Play is a child's instinct. The famous scholar Chen Heqin once mentioned: "Children are born to be active and play games." It can be seen that playing games is a child's instinct. At the same time, it also reflects the game from the side, especially the outdoor games are important interactive items that match the children's current psychological characteristics and age characteristics. At this stage, many teachers have gradually realized the importance of outdoor games for early childhood education, which is not only a project that young children are willing to try, but also an important form of promoting their continuous learning. Incorporating educational content into games, creating rich activities and game environments for them, helps them to realize their own maturity and have a happy childhood memory.

Children's outdoor activities

2 .Main points of outdoor game application

2.1 Create a good game environment

In the selection of outdoor game equipment, attention should be paid to diversification, to meet the child's actual growth education as the starting point, as far as possible to choose the game equipment that can inspire children's interest. In addition, in the selection of some game equipment, children can make appropriate choices such as making their own hands to improve their hands-on ability, such as making kites and throwing sandbags. At the same time, it is also possible to open vegetable and fruit plantations outdoors, encourage children to participate in vegetable planting, etc., and cultivate their patience and love through daily care of fruits and vegetables.

2.2 Science and interest cultivation

The development of outdoor games is mainly carried out in the form of sports games. Actually, according to different weather conditions and the personal conditions of young children, sometimes role play and other intellectual development game projects can be interspersed in different outdoor games. In addition, scientific outdoor game activities are of great significance to improve children's basic activity and athletic ability and improve their physical fitness. For example, in the tortoise and hare race game project, in order to increase the fun and authenticity of the game before the game starts, wear suitable and interesting props for the children, and use large blocks to build such as the finish line and the award podium. Children wearing cute and interesting costumes can greatly stimulate children's interest and encourage them to participate in the game. Collaborating to build props and podiums can effectively promote children's teamwork ability and so on. It can be seen that the scientific setting of game links can cultivate different personal abilities. Interesting game session settings can effectively enhance children's interest in games and compete to play the role of the game. In addition, according to the characteristics of the child's personal development and movement in the activity, control the amount of activity in the game.

Children's outdoor activities

2.3 Pay attention to individual differences

For kindergarten teachers, they should be fully aware of the differences in the performance characteristics of different kindergarten individuals. This also requires relevant teachers to be able to grasp the direction of their psychological changes based on the child's position in real time. The actual teacher is not only the leader of the game, but also a childlike game companion. Children who are usually timid, inferior, and do not like sports should be encouraged to participate in the game, and for students who encounter difficulties, they can be appropriately enlightened to solve the problems step by step. For example, in the cross-river game project, the teacher can adjust the actual width of the actual river according to the individual abilities of different children, so that for children with stronger personal abilities, the river channel can be set wider to promote their further improvement of personal abilities; For children with weaker abilities, the river can be set narrower to help them successfully cross the river, and at the same time enhance their self-confidence to create a good activity atmosphere. In addition, teachers as children's playmates can also join the game in person, increase the closeness to the children, so as to better understand the growth and development characteristics of each child, and lay the foundation for later games and education.

2.4 Integration of safety education into games

Childhood is an important part of the continuous improvement of the child's bone growth, motor system and nervous system. Strengthening game exercises can effectively promote their growth and development. At the same time, we should also pay attention to their mental health education and improve their self-protection awareness. Outdoor games often have a larger playing field and more equipment, so there are more potential dangers. Under the premise of actually carrying out game activities, unsafe factors should be avoided as far as possible. Before the activity, the teacher should promptly convey the rules of the game and the points of attention to the game to the children to improve their self-prevention awareness. The activity equipment should be checked in advance to ensure its reliable work; children should pay attention to the timely increase or decrease of clothing according to their activity. In addition, in the whole game activity link, the staff should be arranged to conduct timely inspections, and unsafe actions in the children's games should be found in time to stop them. Through play and communication with children, understand their inner changes and carry out necessary safety guidance and safety education. For example, some children like to throw stones, and the staff should stop them in time when they find out. In order to properly guide the children’s curiosity, they can guide them to make paper planes by themselves, and use paper planes instead of throwing stones to add fun to the game. On the one hand, it is easy for children to accept, on the other hand, it can also cultivate children's practical ability.

Children's outdoor activities

3 .Conclusion

In summary, outdoor games are of great significance to early childhood education in all aspects. As the protagonist of the game, children can create a distinctive game image based on subjective initiative, improve their creativity and imagination. Based on scientific and reasonable game project settings, it can encourage children with different personality traits to find themselves in the game, enhance self-confidence, help children improve concentration and teamwork ability. For young children living in buildings in big cities at the present stage, kindergarten has undoubtedly become the main way to reach the age-specific social strata. Therefore, at the present stage, kindergarten teachers should establish a higher sense of responsibility, use outdoor games and other means reasonably, create a good game education environment, and lay the foundation for the development of later education. At the same time, relevant departments should also pay attention to early childhood education and give certain policy support to ensure that young children receive standardized and effective education.

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