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The benefits of playing in the sand for children's growth

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At beaches, parks, man-made sand pools and even playgrounds and other places with sand and water, we often see a group of children playing and having fun on them. So, what are the benefits of the seemingly unremarkable process of playing in the sand and water for the growth of children?

Children's playground equipment

1. Help develop children's perception

When playing in the sand, children can experience the thickness, dryness and wetness of the sand when they are in contact with the sand; when playing in the water, the children can feel the characteristics of water flow and the temperature change of the water through contact with water . In the process of these touches, children not only learn the physical characteristics of sand and water, but also stimulate their sensory system, which can make children's perception abilities more acute.

2. Help exercise muscle strength and physical coordination

In the process of playing in the sand, the child will continue to shovel the sand away with a shovel, and when playing in the water, the child will continue to tap the water with his hands or use a tool to fill up the water. In these inadvertent movements, the child's muscle strength has been effectively exercised. At the same time, when the sand or water is loaded, it also tests the child's physical coordination ability, so playing in sand and water can exercise the child's muscle strength well. The ability to coordinate with the body.

Children's playground equipment

3. Help develop children's creativity

Since sand and water do not have a fixed shape, it also gives children enough space for creativity. Children can give full play to their imagination and recreate the shape of sand and water. In the process of playing, children not only develop creativity, but also learn from it that the fusion of sand and water can improve the adhesion of sand, so that children can explore the wonders of the natural world and stimulate them to explore nature interest of.

4.Give children emotional satisfaction

When playing in the sand, whether it is splashing or concentrating on creation, children can feel an unfettered sense of freedom. At the same time, in this kind of unfettered play, children can also feel the joy of self-control and the satisfaction of creative success. Therefore, playing in the sand can also help children get emotional satisfaction.

In view of the children's nature of playing in the sand and the water, and the benefits to children during this play, the amusement park can be set with related amusement equipment, which not only meets the children's play needs, but also protects the children's safety At the same time, let children understand the physical properties of sand and water through play.

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