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The benefits of basketball for children

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1.Basketball can promote physical health and make children grow taller

Nowadays, many children are out of sub-health state and are prone to get sick. Basketball is a comprehensive exercise that can promote children's blood circulation function, enhance body resistance, and promote physical health.

2. Basketball allows children to learn to cooperate and understand the team

Many children nowadays don't understand teamwork or cooperation. More and more parents are also aware of this problem. Teamwork is very important for the future development of children.

Children's basketball hoop

3. Enhance children's mental health, improve psychological endurance and social adaptability

There are both wins and losses in basketball. You know how to win and lose since you were young. Don't be proud when you win and don't be discouraged when you lose. Improve your mental endurance and social adaptability.

4. Basketball can cultivate children's awareness of rules

Children are the treasures of the family, they can do whatever they want, get whatever they want, and don’t know what’s wrong with their behavior. The society is different and it is necessary to follow the rules.

Basketball is to follow the rules, otherwise you will be fined. There is no rule that does not make a circle. It is very important to understand the rules of playing basketball. From this, you can cultivate a child's awareness of the rules and know what to do and what not to do.

Children's basketball hoop

5. Can improve children's self-confidence

Many children now lack self-confidence and are very timid. Basketball requires self-confidence. Only by self-confidence can you win the opponent. From the beginning of not knowing to the final game, this is to exercise the child's self-confidence, playing basketball in front of everyone, and being invincible on the court is the child's self-confidence performance. In fact, everyone can observe that those who play basketball are more confident than those who do not. This is the benefit of basketball.

6. Basketball can also promote the balanced development of the left and right brains of the child

Enhance the child's willpower, which is gradually strengthened in continuous practice, and can also improve the child's observation, judgment and response abilities, and promote physical flexibility, etc. .

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