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Several issues that should be paid attention to when using outdoor fitness equipment

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This article mainly introduces the issues we should pay attention to when doing outdoor sports and when using sports equipment. Standard use and reasonable exercise are the health guarantees.

Outdoor fitness equipment

The target group is the public in the equipment setting in outdoor fitness equipment, and its universality makes it simple, easy to learn, and effective. But after all, it is an instrument, and it is necessary to master the basic essentials of the operation. Step by step during exercise, do not be brave and hard, to achieve the harmonious unification of the human body and the instrument. In this way, sports injuries caused by blind operation can be effectively avoided. The national standard of "General Requirements for the Safety of Fitness Equipment and Fitness Paths" in China has been approved by experts in Beijing. From the perspective of "fitness paths", the appearance, structural design, static load capacity, stability, safety warnings, equipment installation and site requirements, electrical safety, etc. There are clear standards stipulated to ensure safe use.

Outdoor fitness equipment

Keep in mind  when using equipment

Note 1: Do not exercise too much. People who have regularly participated in physical exercise in the past can properly increase the amount of exercise. Generally, the pulse should not exceed 110 times per minute, and the maximum should not exceed 120 times per minute. Older comrades who did not often or at all take part in physical exercise in the past must first choose the sport that suits them.

Note 2: Be sure to prepare for the activity before exercise and warm up for about 10 to 15 minutes. This can prevent twisting of the ankle, twisting of the waist and nerve damage.

Note 3: Do some sorting activities after exercise. Because a person's capillaries dilate after exercise, if they sit on the ground and do not move, the person's blood can't come back to the heart at the far end of the body, and they will feel suffocated and have high blood pressure and heart disease. I still have to walk around after exercise and buffer for about 10 minutes.

Note 4: Master exercise time. Older friends should exercise for about 40 minutes each time, not less than 30 minutes on the left and not more than 1 hour on the right.

Equipment should usually pay attention: fitness equipment in the community "fitness path" can generally be divided into three types: body structure exercise (also called anaerobic exercise), aerobic exercise and flexibility training of the body.

Outdoor fitness equipment

The use of these devices can help people treat biomechanical diseases, excess energy diseases, and neurological and mental diseases. The external fitness equipment is mainly for adults. Even if children play, parents should look after them to prevent danger. Outdoor fitness equipment installed on cement or slate floor is unscientific and has potential safety hazards. In addition, the investigation of aging fitness facilities should be strengthened, which requires the community to strengthen supervision and maintenance work, so as to achieve "double insurance" of parental supervision and community supervision. Before using fitness equipment, be sure to read and pay attention to the reminder signs and instructions, and use the equipment correctly according to the instructions. If the equipment is marked "children should not use", the guardian should strengthen the care of the children and avoid children from using these equipment. In addition, for some outdoor fitness equipment that has been "damaged but not repaired", the facility maintenance party should make reminders and protective measures, and parents should also keep children away to prevent accidents.

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