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Safety precautions for indoor children's playground

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Every weekend and other holidays, the family will inevitably go out to play, the children's temperament is variable, lack of qualitative, long time will inevitably cry. At this time, if there is a children's play area in the mall or restaurant, it is simply a savior for parents. However, there may be all kinds of safety hazards in these places that make children laugh and laugh. As a park operator, what work should be done to minimize the probability of safety accidents? Suggestions can be considered from the following aspects.

1. Equipment Safety

Don't just pay attention to the price of products when purchasing indoor children's playgrounds. The quality and safety of products and the attractiveness of novel and unique amusement equipment for children are two important factors. Quality, environmental protection and safety are the life of amusement equipment. Only a qualified and high-quality product will bring the endless wealth and vitality of the investment park operator.

In addition, daily maintenance should also be done, including the following tasks:

①Cleaning of equipment

The most commonly needed children's playground is hygienic cleaning and maintenance. The equipment is very easy to be dirty by children every day, so the operator should pay attention to cleaning up every day. Keep the surface of the device clean. If there is any foreign object, it should be cleaned immediately to prevent the child from being scratched while playing. Keep all sliding surfaces and screws, gears, racks, etc. free of oil stains and bumps; no oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, and electric leakage in all parts. Only with clean, tidy and safe amusement equipment, parents are more willing to bring their children to play in the park.

② Shaft maintenance

Among the children's playground equipment, there are very electric rotating equipment, and there are many bearings in these equipment that need to be lubricated. Because these places have to turn many times a day, it is the most prone to malfunction. Therefore, it is best for operators to check and maintain regularly every 1-2 months, to do lubrication maintenance work and increase the service life of equipment.

③Screw welding maintenance

Each set of amusement equipment has various screw welding positions to fix the stability of each bracket to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Once one of the problems occurs, there may be a security accident. Therefore, operators should regularly check whether the screws of the equipment are loose, and whether there are problems such as oxidative deformation cracking at the welding port. If this situation occurs, it should be dealt with immediately or suspended.

④Wire maintenance

Anything has a service life, and the wire will deteriorate after being used for a period of time. Therefore, the most important thing for the operator in daily maintenance is to check whether the equipment and other lines are aging and leaking. If there is any, they should immediately stop using the replacement lines to prevent safety accidents.

⑤ Regular inspection

The operator of the amusement equipment should regularly check whether the safety bar of the equipment is intact, whether the safety fence is damaged, whether the motor and its fixing bolts are abnormal, and whether the voltage and current values are normal. In addition to these, for some key parts of children's play equipment, relevant personnel should pay attention to it, and increase the frequency from time to time to carefully check it to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. It includes motors, electrical cabinet lines, equipment arms and main frames, etc.

indoor children's playground

2. Relevant safety slogan notice

There are no rules that can't make a difference, and so is the operation of children's playgrounds. In order to protect each other's rights and avoid conflicts, as a children's playground operator, you need to inform customers of some reminders. The equipment should be affixed or hung with warning signs, indicating the children's playable age, height, physical condition, and what kind of previous medical history is prohibited from playing. The safety index, stimulation level, and maintenance of the equipment are shown in a conspicuous place. The venue should arrange staff to strictly guard the height, weight and age of the children, and explain the basic conditions of the equipment to the parents, so that they can judge whether the children are suitable for playing the equipment.

3. Daily operation safety

For example, the children in the children's amusement park are too crowded. Crowded people will exceed the carrying limit of amusement equipment, which is very easy to cause safety accidents. Therefore, operators should be careful not to control the number of gamers because of interest. Once a security accident occurs, only in terms of economic loss will bring inestimable economic losses to the operator, let alone a series of other serious problems. Therefore, the operator should not ignore the big hidden dangers that might happen for some small profits in front of him.

4. Strengthen the staff's safety awareness

This is undoubtedly the most important thing. The venue staff needs to be rigorous. When there is a problem with the venue or equipment, it should be stopped immediately and dealt with. The physical and mental condition of the tourists should be evaluated, and patients who are not suitable for the game should be persuaded to leave the equipment safely. Staff should be trained in relevant skills before starting work, such as equipment debugging and control, basic first-aid means, and qualifications can only be granted after passing the assessment.

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