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Routine maintenance and cleaning of naughty castle equipment

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The cleaning and repair of the naughty castle equipment is the daily maintenance content of the children's indoor playground or unpowered amusement facilities, how to clean it?

The cleaning of naughty castle equipment is divided into simple cleaning and complex cleaning:

Simple cleaning: Soak the new naughty fort in 1:99 diluted household bleach for 30 minutes, and then clean it with clean water.

Naughty Castle

Complex cleaning:

1.Rinse and wipe with flowing clean water to remove dirt adhering to the surface of the new naughty castle;

2. Scrub with special disinfectant to kill possible infectious germs;

3. Wash and wipe with clean water to remove disinfectant;

4. In the ultraviolet sterilization room, perform 10-20 minutes of super-penetrating sterilization.

If you want to maintain the life of the new naughty castle of different types and materials, and ensure the health and safety of customers, the cleaning and maintenance of the new naughty castle is extremely important. The new naughty fort should be cleaned frequently and fully exposed.

Naughty Castle

Different naughty castle equipment:

1.Plastic children's naughty castle. It can be soaked in clean water or diluted with solvents and tablets to ensure the cleanliness of the new naughty castle.

2. Naughty castle for children with fluff. You can choose to send it to the laundry for dry cleaning or self-cleaning. Self-cleaning can be divided into layered cleaning or overall cleaning.

Layered cleaning is to take out the cotton filled in the new naughty castle, and wash it separately from the outer skin. To find the layered cleaning, first find out the cotton filling seam of the new naughty castle, then carefully cut it out, take out the cotton and wash it.

The overall cleaning is to throw the whole new-style naughty castle into the washing machine or soap and scrub.

3. Cloth children's naughty castle. New naughty castles made of cloth such as rag dolls and cloth books can be washed according to the cleaning method on the package and cleaned regularly.

4. Wooden children's naughty castle. Because wood materials absorb water and are prone to borers, this new type of naughty fort cannot be cleaned, and it is best to be exposed to it from time to time.

5. Electronic children's naughty castle. This new type of naughty castle can not be cleaned, only wipe with a clean cloth dipped in water.

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