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Problems that need attention in the installation of amusement equipment

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Precautions for amusement equipment manufacturers when installing amusement equipment

What should you pay attention to when installing amusement equipment in amusement equipment manufacturers? When installing amusement equipment, there are many tasks that need to be prepared in advance. Many operators directly purchase and install amusement equipment for operation, and problems occur during the subsequent operation, which leads to the equipment Stop working and cannot operate. So what should you pay attention to when installing amusement equipment? Follow the manufacturer to understand that different equipment has different installation methods.

1.Small amusement equipment

Small amusement equipment also requires some preparation, at least the ground should be level (except for special equipment). Certain equipment of amusement equipment manufacturers need to be leveled according to the terrain, such as rainbow slides. If the ground is flat, it is not suitable and must have a slope. If it is flat, the steel frame needs to be laid or erected directly to realize the installation of the facility.

2. Large and medium-sized amusement equipment

Construction must be carried out according to the basic drawings of the equipment, and soil exploration must be carried out. This is for the stability of future equipment. The larger the manufacturers of equipment such as ferris wheels and roller coasters, the higher the requirements in this regard. Even some medium-sized equipment needs to be built on this basis, and the special inspection company also needs to issue a certificate to install the equipment normally, and the cycle is not short.

3. Other amusement equipment

Other amusement equipment is also required more or less, for example, some equipment requires at least a hardened and flat road to drive.

Before purchasing equipment, it is necessary to ask whether the equipment has special installation requirements. Even if there is no installation requirement, it is necessary to prepare in advance to avoid wasting too much time, otherwise it is not clear whether the cost of leveling the site later is too high. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this kind of equipment, especially for large-scale equipment, early preparations also cost a lot of money to avoid unnecessary problems.

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