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Precautions for the use of climbing nets

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Nowadays, many parks and children's playgrounds have climbing nets. Many children like to climb, but if the climbing net is not played correctly, it is easy to be injured. How to play the climbing net correctly? What?

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1. How to play the climbing net correctly

(1) Warm up.

Any outdoor sports generally require warm-up exercises. Everyone knows the benefits. When climbing the climbing net, let's do a simple warm-up exercise as shown in the figure below. After warming up, you have to climb the climbing net. There are certain requirements for your balance and physical strength.

(2) Climbing.

After the warm-up, we will start pulling, and head towards the climbing net. Try a few times to practice balance under the climbing net. If you don't want to keep climbing up, then practice it carefully. At the same time, in order to train your body's agility, remember not to kneel up, so that in addition to expressing yourself and being able to go up, it will not play other roles in exercising your body and mind.

(3) Interact with peers.

In fact, everyone knows that it is not just one person who actually goes to the park or recreational place to play climbing nets. It is likely to be accompanied by parents or friends. Then, how to help your companions correctly during the climbing process? Perhaps most of them People always stretch their hands back to their companions, but that is wrong, it is easy to cause an unstable center of gravity and cause injuries.

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(4) Pay attention to safety

After all, the distance to climb the net is limited. After all, you have to climb to the top. If you adopt the correct method, you will not only get to the top, but also exercise your body. Entertainment is not only entertainment, but also increases interpersonal relationships and exercises yourself. A useful way is to pay attention to safety after reaching the top, holding the safety rope or safety wood in your hand, and remember not to slapstick or play jokingly.

(5) Skills to exit the climbing net

How can I go up and down? As the saying goes, there must be up and down, but it's boring if you go up and down, then you’ll miss a lot of great scenery. Okay, it's my own. Method, remember not to take a steady step, the feeling of steady and steady, you can not rush for quick success.

2. Note for playing climbing nets

(1) During the climbing process, do not fight with your companions to avoid accidents.

(2) Try not to carry sharp or hard objects when climbing, so as not to scratch yourself and others.

(3) In order to facilitate activities, it is best to wear sportswear before entering the climbing net.

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