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Precautions for children's combined slides

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The safety of amusement facilities has always been the concern of parents. In recent years, the popular unpowered amusement equipment is relatively safer. But safety is not absolute. Amusement projects such as slides, trampolines and water parks are still dangerous to different degrees. Children of different ages cannot absolutely avoid accidents when using them, so understand some amusement facilities The use of common sense is necessary for amusement park operators, parents and children.

Today I will talk about one of the mainstream amusement equipment in the playground, the children's combined slide.

Children's playground equipment

One of the children's amusement facilities, the children's combined slide, because of its novel shape, rich colors, and many entertainment components, can meet the play experience of many children, whether it is community amusement, scenic spots or professional playgrounds, you can see it. In terms of posture, you can experience climbing, climbing, running, jumping, sliding, and drilling. It can be called endless play.

However, you need to pay attention to the following matters when playing and use to ensure safety. After all, playground accidents that occur every year are endless.

Whether entering the playground or playing slides in their own community, parents must accompany and supervise and do the following:

1.When children are playing, be sure to line up and use them in an orderly manner. Don't be crowded or scrambled.

2. When going down the ladder, keep your feet parallel, lean back slightly, hold the guardrails on both sides of the slide with your hands, and slide slowly.

3. When the child sees that the child in front has not yet reached the end, stand up and leave, do not continue to slide down. Avoid physical collision with it and cause physical injury.

Children's playground equipment

The following is the wrong way to play when playing children's combined slides. Please stop these behaviors in time.

1. Lie on the slide with your body in the opposite direction, and slide your chest against the front of the slide. This will cause your face to land first and cause facial damage.

2. When playing slides, many children will kneel down on their knees. This will cause friction between the knees and the plastic. If the knees cannot bear the pain, they will fall in the middle, or even fall from a height to the ground, with serious consequences.

3. Retrograde gameplay. Many naughty children like to walk from the bottom of the combined slide or climb to the top. If there are children on the slide from above, they will bump into the people who are retrograde in the slide and fall to the ground together ,very dangerous.

The children's combined slides have various play styles, which will inspire a lot of imagination and adventurous spirit of children. However, the safety of our slides is the first priority. It is recommended that parents must supervise the safety of their children. If the above-mentioned dangerous behaviors occur, please stop them in time to avoid danger to the children.

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