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Planning and design of outdoor children's playground

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The design of the outdoor children's playground aims to create an environment that provides relaxation and entertainment, extension and expansion, and outdoor exercise to shape children's cheerful and lively personality, and in a variety of environments, children can experience a richer outdoor beneficial experience. Traditional outdoor parks are not pleasing to young people, and children's parks have gradually been themed and featured in recent years, gradually attracting more and more parents and children, so in the design process, we Seize the following points, it will be easier to create a pleasing outdoor children's playground.

outdoor children's playground

1. A natural place for children to perceive themselves

No matter how beautifully the theme content is arranged, for children, they are more accustomed to consistent tones and impressive external environment and natural world. Therefore, when designing the outdoor environment, children should give themselves a stage to perceive themselves, to perceive space, to perceive nature, so that children can get in touch with nature to the greatest extent, and experience the natural environment of birds, flowers and various poses.

Parents can act as observers, facilitators, encouragers, and guide children to think independently, explore independently, ask questions, solve problems, and actively accumulate life experience, which is more conducive to the cultivation of children's independent personality and ability.

2. Give children the ability and confidence to challenge themselves

Another important function carried by the outdoor children's playground is to expand and expand. What should we expand? Children should get more effective exercise in the survival of modern society, instead of blindly doting and protecting. Outdoor children's playgrounds are not absolutely safe and foolproof, but it is some of the small "obstacles" that can play a better exercise. It's a good thing that parents and teachers can't protect their children for a lifetime and expose them to more meaningful expansion training.

outoor children's playground

In the case of ensuring a relatively higher degree of safety, the choice of outdoor amusement equipment can be set to different degrees of difficulty according to age stages, to ensure that children's amusement development has sufficient interest and confidence, and at the same time can get a small sense of accomplishment, This incentive for self-growth may be more meaningful than the little red flower in kindergarten.

3. The overall strategy of outdoor space design

In the current era, outdoor amusement spaces are not simply amusement spaces. Even for a paradise that specifically serves children, it is necessary to consider the construction of peripheral services in a timely manner. Eating, drinking, and playing are usually separate, and this is the most basic peripheral service; in the Internet age, children understand far more information than we in the same age in the past, so it is imperative to shape the attached theme culture-you can take it step by step Come, but not without it.

This kind of culturally attached soft power is actually the basis for ensuring the long-term operation of the park. A large number of repeat customers will artificially make this park. In addition to the new equipment and good service, the entire experience is interesting and meaningful. go with. And all this needs to be considered at the beginning of the design of the park.

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