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Operating tips for indoor EPP building block paradise

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This article mainly introduces how to operate indoor EPP building block paradise.

As people's living standards continue to improve, more and more money is spent on children. Children's nature is to play, and indoor EPP building block paradise is specifically to solve the problem of children playing, which is why there are more and more operators of indoor EPP building block paradise. So, do you know how to manage an indoor EPP building block park? The following Qiaokeli indoor EPP building block paradise will take you to understand the real know-how of the operation of indoor EPP building block paradise.

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1. The service objects of the safe indoor EPP building blocks are children. If there is a safety problem, it is not a question of how much money is earned, but how much money to lose. Therefore, it is the iron of indoor EPP building blocks to ensure the safety of children. rule. So how can we ensure safety? (1)The equipment must be safe; (2)The site must have safety measures. First of all, the quality of amusement equipment must be qualified, there is no hidden safety hazard, and it should be harmless. And there can be no sharp edges. The combination of its parts should be very strong, so as not to loosen and form a child's accidental ingestion, which brings hidden safety risks. In addition, infants or toddlers should prevent toys with long strings and small parts.

EPP building block

2. Location The operation of the indoor EPP building block paradise also has an important relationship with its location. In places where people flow is concentrated, such as in front of the mall or in the mall, as long as it can attract the attention of children and parents, the business will naturally it is good.

3. Hygienic indoor EPP building block paradise is played by children every day. It is hygienic and disinfected, clean, bright and tidy. It is also an important part. Unhygienic and unclean paradise, let’s not say that it will infect diseases, even from the visual The senses can also be daunting. Imagine seeing dirty equipment, will parents be sure to let their children play?

EPP building block

4. how to put quality equipment to attract children is the fundamental to determine the quality of business. First of all, it is necessary to investigate what equipment exists in the existing indoor EPP building blocks in the surroundings, and strive to be different, so that you can win amazingly. Good amusement equipment can provide appropriate sensory stimulation, such as: special sound, different touch, bright hall Colors and beloved shapes, they can be used to stimulate children's sight, hearing, smell, touch, etc.; children like to play with children of the same age or adults at home, so good toys should enable more than two people to play together, more important What's more, choosing a device that allows parents and children to play together can promote the interactive relationship between parents and children, and will naturally be welcomed.

5.correctly positioning your customer base No matter how good the indoor EPP building block paradise, it is impossible to satisfy the preferences of all children. The children's favorite things are different for each age group. This is what operators should think about. The so-called positioning means that the operator should understand: what age group do you want to serve children.

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