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Inventory of popular outdoor children's play projects

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Introduction: This article mainly introduces the latest popular outdoor children's play projects in 2020

With the improvement of people's living standards and the change of consumption concept, children's playgrounds are loved by more and more parents and children. Therefore, many investors are eyeing the big cake of the children's playground industry. The ultimate goal of investors is of course to make money and profit. Amusement equipment is the core of the profitability of indoor children's playgrounds, and investors are more concerned about it. Then outdoor children's playgrounds What are the most popular projects ?

The most popular items in the outdoor children's playground:

1. Unpowered amusement equipment

Compared with other amusement equipment, outdoor unpowered amusement equipment has high safety factor, long service life, low maintenance cost, strong entertainment, good interactivity, and unique experience. It has been sought after by more and more investors, Outdoor park with huge development potential. It is an amusement park with children as the core to promote interaction between parents and children. Its characteristics of being close to nature, respecting children's nature, and parent-child interaction and entertainment all attract a new generation of families.

Children's playground equipment

2. Swing

Swing-based amusement equipment, mainly swings, allows children to experience the thrill of speed and acceleration under safer conditions. Such activities can stimulate the vestibular system, smooth the child's neural pathways, and increase or decrease the speed of feeling. Have endless fun.

Children's playground equipment

3. Outdoor crawling

The existence of crawling gives children a certain advantage in the process of growth. Crawling allows children to mobilize whole body movements, which can exercise the strength of their chest muscles, abdominal muscles and limb muscles, and consumes more energy during crawling. It can help children to coordinate all aspects of their diet and promote their growth.

Inventory of popular outdoor children's play projects

4. Outdoor trampoline

Trampoline exercise is a comprehensive exercise that integrates fitness, entertainment, viewing and competition. It is a great help to the human body while entertaining. Compared with indoor trampoline halls, outdoor trampolines provide children with a unique experience and perception. For example: outdoor ground trampoline, jumping cloud, sand nest trampoline, etc.

Children's playground equipment

5. Large-scale combination slide

Combined slides are used as standard equipment for outdoor children's amusement parks. Large slides Large slides generally have a versatile play method, which combines climbing, drilling nets and challenging stainless steel slides. It requires children to mobilize all parts of the body to coordinate the operation, requiring hands, feet, eyes and body. Comprehensive coordination.

Slide structure is safe and durable, clever design, harmonious colors, clever combination of various plastic parts can provide children with safety, pleasure and vitality. Integrate fitness and entertainment into one, and carefully design various styles according to children's interests and hobbies.

Children's playground equipment

6. Percussion

Children's percussion instrument is one of the very popular amusement equipment in recent years, suitable for places such as community, park, square and so on.

Common percussion instruments usually include teaching organ, elite drum, rhythmist, castanets, sand hammer, xylophone and aluminum piano.

Child psychologists pointed out that playing outdoor percussion instruments can effectively cultivate children's interest in music, which is why many schools, amusement parks and parents like them.

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