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How to swing safely

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Introduction: This article mainly introduces the problems that children need to pay attention to when playing swings in daily life, standardize the use of swings, and avoid accidents.

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Playing swing, this is a sport that almost every child likes, even many adults still like to swing, when swinging, there will be many children playing on the swing, some young children on the swing All kinds of tossing and children are not happy in this stimulation. In recent years, there have been many news reports about the dangers of children playing on swings. Therefore, parents must be vigilant when children play on swings, beware of children's health and life threats. So, what should children pay attention to when playing swing? How should children swing safely? Here will give some reasonable suggestions.

Children's playground equipment

Method of operation:

1.When the child is swinging, the adult should not leave the line of sight. The swing is active and there is too much restlessness. Once the child has a problem, the parents can immediately rescue it and you can avoid a lot of unnecessary injuries.

2. Teach your children to use the swing correctly, not to pursue too high or too exciting. Most of the children will not be satisfied with the one or two swings, and will continue to explore the stimulation. Parents see that they must stop this behavior. Once the child falls, he will definitely be injured.

3. Hold the ropes on both sides with both hands, and do not stand on the swing, otherwise it will be thrown out due to insufficient strength or inertia and cause injury.

4. Choose the appropriate swing according to the age of the child. There are many types of swings, some with higher safety and some with higher degrees of freedom, reasonable choices to avoid accidents.

Children's playground equipment

5. When you finish playing the swing, you must wait until the swing stops completely, or the parents stop the swing next to the child before you can let the child down, otherwise the child may be thrown out and hit by the swing seat because of inertia.

6. Don't let children play with other children on the swing. Children like to play together and play mischievously. When swinging, they like to reach out and pat or scratch other playmates. This situation is very dangerous. Parents should stop it in time.

7. When other children are playing on the swing, remind the child to stay away as far as possible. When the child wants to play on the swing, he will unconsciously move closer to the swing being used, trying to stop it and then go to play by himself. Very dangerous measures. Parents must remind their children to wait patiently. When the swing is shaking, it is easy to be smashed around it. You should wait until the swing stops.

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