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How to set up a creative children's playground

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This article mainly introduces how to design a good and safe amusement facility to provide a good place for children's growth and thinking development.

Children recognize the world and learn knowledge through play, so the design of children's playgrounds is particularly important. MIGO analyzes and explores the design concepts of children's playgrounds, combined with the current status of children's playgrounds, highlights the sense of innovation, and through humanized design theory, strives to meet the needs of children in the design of children's playgrounds, so that they can promote The healthy growth of children.

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So what are the factors that need to be considered in a creative children's playground? How do designers think?

Design Principles of Children's Playgrounds The design of children's playgrounds is mainly determined according to the characteristics of children's activities of different ages. Each playground is equipped with different contents and forms of facilities according to children of different ages, and each has its own characteristics, which is in line with children's outdoor The law of activity has a strong attraction. Generally speaking, according to the usage requirements of children of different ages, it can be divided into the following areas: children playground, preschool children playground and school children playground, etc.

Design Concepts for Toddler Playgrounds Toddler playgrounds are places that can be used by children under 3 years of age. The venue should be flat, do not install more game equipment, and the equipment should also be smooth and simple, with rounded corners as much as possible to avoid children from being injured. It is best to form a separate area for toddlers to avoid interference from children of other ages. They can be separated by hedges, low walls and shrubs, and soft grass or sand can be spread in the venue. Adults’ rest facilities, such as seats and platforms, should be arranged around the children’s field to care for the children.

children's playgrounds

The two facilities of the game wall and the configuration of the maze are the most common game facilities in children's playgrounds. The game wall can have different plane forms, and the height of the wall can also be changed. There can be round holes of different sizes that can be drilled in and out, allowing children to climb, climb, and drill to exercise physical strength and enhance fun. The labyrinth is a kind of game wall. Design it into a more tortuous pattern with a height that matches the height of the child. After the child enters the labyrinth, the interest will increase due to lost exploration and victory breakthrough.

children's playgrounds

The choice of children's playground game equipment due to the age of children, when considering the choice of children's playground game equipment, we must give priority to children's age, safety, self-protection awareness, fun and other factors to ensure that children play Have fun in the field and play safely. For this reason, when choosing game equipment, you can focus on setting up slides, swings, landing gear, horizontal bars, parallel bars and other entertainment equipment.

Children are the main users of playgrounds. They like games. They need to satisfy their curiosity, stimulate their imagination, improve cognitive ability, enhance physical fitness, and promote personality development through the playground environment, facilities and game equipment. Therefore, in the design of children's playground activities, we should strive to highlight the practicality of the design and the innovation of the design concept, so that we can meet the needs of children from multiple angles and angles and guide the children's healthy growth. And inspiration.

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