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How to plan and design indoor children's playground

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The children's paradise is characterized by cartoons, dreams, and magic in content and image, with a lot of fun, interaction, and knowledge. There are many facilities and projects. The image characteristics of the project set must be dreamy, magical, and rich in imagination. The content should also include interesting, interactive and knowledgeable aspects. So how to partition the large children's playground?

Large-scale children's parks will adopt partition design. The standard store design has 6-8 areas such as amusement area, experience area, puzzle area, video game area, interactive area, rest area, film and television area, and performance area. The flagship store has an amusement area. , Experience area, puzzle area, video game area, interactive area, rest area, film and television area, clothing and restaurant joint area, sound and light area, 8-10 areas, combining dynamic and static zoning, combining entertainment and puzzle development , To meet the needs of children of different ages, hobbies, and personality.

indoor children's playground

1.Naughty Fort District

Naughty Castle, also known as Kid's Castle. It is a new generation of children's activity center that integrates functions of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness and so on. It has the characteristics of randomness, lack of power, interactivity and safety. The naughty castle mainly includes ocean ball pool, pirate ship, castle, rotating slide, rainbow ladder, happy octopus, air gliding and so on.

2.Career Experience Zone

Children's professional experience provides children with a base for extracurricular practice, and shoulders the important task of cultivating their future career planning and adapting to social competition. In addition to practice, each scene will also explain the relevant knowledge of the experience project. Through role play, ingenious The combination of learning and practice is flexible and diverse, which is suitable for parent-child interaction.

3.Electric zone

The area is generally set on the right side of the overall area of Naughty Castle. There are built-in various electric toys for children to play, such as coconut trees, pirate ship, small carousel and ocean ball pool. In this area, there is no sense of restriction of small areas, children can enjoy chasing and fighting, and electric toys can also make children happy to play.

indoor children's playground

4.Children's Development Zone

Children's development training is designed according to the characteristics of children, through scientific three-dimensional combination to form a new generation of children's activity center that integrates amusement, sports, puzzle and fitness. The vast majority of children like to drill, climb, slide, roll, shake, swing, jump, and shake, and most of this kind of children's expansion training consists of crossing projects. It sets up and builds various difficult and super strong in vertical spaces. Exciting levels allow children to experience high-altitude climbing and feel the stimulation of crossing obstacles. Hone children's will, challenge themselves, stimulate potential, and enhance self-confidence; mainly suitable for children aged 4-15.

5.Parent-Child Activity Area

This area is mainly a comprehensive puzzle area. Various classic toys such as sand pools, beach toys, puzzles, and building blocks can be set in the area. Children can enjoy these things while interacting with parents to promote the relationship between children and parents. Parent-child communication.

6.Parents' leisure area

This area can account for 30% of the total area of the children's playground. It is convenient for parents to see the children's play in each area. Therefore, it is set in the middle of the other three areas to see the children's play from all angles. Built-in tables and stools, can be used for leisure and entertainment can also read books and rest. Because there is a certain distance from the main area of the naughty castle, it can do its own thing, does not affect the children's play, and can watch the children.

indoor children's playground

7.open play area

That is, the usual ordinary naughty castle area is formed separately and surrounded by safety nets and main frames; it contains dozens of items that can exercise children's physical strength, coordination ability and intelligence, such as drilling holes, single wood bridges, boxing bags, spider rows, etc.; Here children can play some compact and various competitions.

Large-scale children's parks can make full use of changing terrain treatments and enrich plants to create an ecological and natural children's playground environment to meet the needs of children of different ages, hobbies, and personality.

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