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How to operate children's playground in low season

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As a person in the industry, children's playgrounds will face predicted and unknown peak operating periods in the course of their operations. The peak operating periods we call may mostly appear on statutory holidays or some special means. During this period, in-store traffic increased significantly, and sales increased accordingly. Therefore, in order to coordinate the smooth operation of the site's various operations during this period of time, as the person in charge of the storefront, the operations in equipment, promotion, activities, outreach and other aspects will be greatly adjusted than in the past.

While bringing high benefits to the children's playground, there are also hidden dangers of “safety” in many aspects. For example, after the children’s amusement equipment is overloaded during peak hours, wear and tear of wearing parts, dust, static electricity, and overheating will cause some The fragile electronic originals are damaged, which leads to a decrease in the operating efficiency of the entire equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to check and repair in time to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent chain reactions from causing greater losses. In terms of employees in all positions, especially some newly recruited employees, the entire peak period is filled with tension like a bow. Due to work, excessive tension and fatigue are caused. Once the slack hits, the service awareness and quality during the off-season will be There are different degrees of decline, which affects the reputation and effectiveness of the store, and even leads to unnecessary negative emotions and backlogs.

As the operator of the paradise, it is very important to know how to plan ahead. In the off-season targeted plan after the peak period, strengthen the training of employees' work skills, correct the employees' service attitude, improve employees' service awareness, as well as the inspection and rest of the hardware and safety factors in the park, so as to summarize and upgrade and welcome the next operation Peak period.

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1.Experiential Marketing

When many venues open, they will invite local parents to experience it for free. This is also the secret of being able to quickly open the market in a short time! The personal experience and practice of parents and children are the most favorable word-of-mouth marketing tools. By observing, trying and listening to the target consumers, they have a good impression of the brand and thus produce continuous consumption behavior. This model establishes a lasting connection with consumers, prompting customers to feel dependent on the brand and become a loyal customer of the paradise.

2.Membership marketing

Through the member platform, you can create opportunities to contact and communicate with customers, attract a large number of customers around us for a long time, let customers develop brand habits and dependence, and then create a sense of brand belonging. The member preferential system is adopted from time to time to promote members' multiple consumptions. The chain venue uses a large membership base as the main consumer group, and at the same time does a deep and deep member culture, serves the small members well, and truly guarantees the sales of each store.

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3.Themed event marketing

Rich activity forms and content are necessary for venue operation. It can maintain a cooperative relationship with well-known domestic children's performance institutions and educational institutions throughout the year, and regularly organize children's drama exhibitions, children's talent shows, parents' classrooms and other various activities in the children's playground. Such activities are very attractive to children and parents, and can also increase the brand gold content of the venue, so that parents have a strong sense of brand identity.

4.Friend recommendation marketing

Start the "Calling Friends" program, invite your friends to the venue to play, there will be a surprise gift, you can also set up more promotional models, for example: recommend 1 friend to come, give 1 play opportunity; recommend more than 3, Play for free 5 times; recommend more than 10 people, get a monthly card, free to play within a month.

After completing the above-mentioned phased work, even in the off-season, I believe there will be a good income, but also can provide sufficient preparation for the next peak season.

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