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How to operate a small outdoor expansion park

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It is increasingly difficult to find outdoor venues for children's playgrounds. In fact, if you change your mindset and reduce the business plan, you can get a big market with a small investment. For example, it is always inconvenient for parents to take their children to the supermarket around a large supermarket. There is a need to take care of children. , Opening a small outdoor expansion park here not only helps the supermarket business, but also solves the worries of many parents.

1. Target group

The outdoor small expansion park does not need to occupy a large area, just a few hundred square meters. The target group is mainly preschoolers. The customers who pay the bill say that they are their parents. Generally, the playing time is about half an hour to one and a half hours. In an hour, the charge is more than 15 yuan, which is quite profitable based on the traffic population of the supermarket.

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2. Venue arrangement

Most supermarkets have a huge parking area at the entrance, and under normal circumstances there is always surplus space. Find the person in charge to negotiate, open an expansion park here, add a few capable equipment, and help the other party solve the problem. Generally, supermarkets are very We are happy to accept the venue, ranging from 250 square meters to 500 square meters.

3. Equipment requirements

Most of the amusement equipment is large-scale equipment. Of course, it is difficult to put small venues. Therefore, it is necessary to find manufacturers for customized production and reduce the existing schemes. On the one hand, investment is reduced, and on the other hand, the land occupation conditions are greatly reduced.

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4. Maintenance

The service life of outdoor facilities is of course not as good as that of indoor facilities. Due to temperature, air humidity, lightning and other reasons, the average service life of outdoor equipment is about 4 years, which is more than half shorter than that of indoor equipment. Fortunately, the replacement cycle of the industry is relatively fast. Two and a half to three years need to be replaced with a new game, the general equipment will not be used until the end of life.

5. Cheap business

Opening a business around a supermarket is mainly to help parents who visit the supermarket to solve problems. On the other hand, the customer population is mainly in the surrounding neighborhoods. Neighbors' businesses require small profits but quick turnover in order to have frequent contacts, so the charging project is better than large outdoor expansion 1/2~1/3 cheaper.

The number of outdoor small expansion parks is still small, but a wide range of market space is brewing. There are a large number of amusement facilities that can be streamlined and simplified. Many manufacturers have experience in this area. If you want to invest, it is best to do it in the near future. The market becomes saturated, and the business is not very profitable.

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