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How to judge the equipment is unpowered equipment

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Are unpowered equipment special equipment? First, we need to know how to determine whether a device is a special device. Let us take a look together.

1. What is special equipment? Special equipment refers to boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders, the same below), pressure pipes, elevators, lifting devices, passenger ropeways, large amusement equipment and special vehicles in the field (factory) that involve life safety and have greater risks.

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2. The standards within the scope of national special equipment monitoring include: 

(1)Cause group harm; 

(2) Cause harm to others; 

(3)It will have a greater social impact.

3. The design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and transformation of special equipment must be approved by the "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations" before engaging in relevant production and business activities. Special equipment must be registered with the city or municipal supervision and administration department where the special equipment is used before or within 30 days after use. The registration mark must be placed in a prominent position on the dedicated equipment used. If the unit using special equipment needs to conduct regular inspections in accordance with the safety technical specifications, it shall submit periodic inspection requirements to the special equipment inspection and testing agency one month before the expiration of the safety inspection qualification period.

Special equipment operators must be evaluated by the special equipment safety supervision and management department, and in accordance with relevant national regulations, obtain a special operator certificate in a unified national format before participating in the operation. Correspondence or management work.

Children's playground equipment

4. Unpowered equipment refers to equipment and facilities with the characteristics of amusement equipment, without any unnatural external force and energy, and the risk is extremely low. Such as customized slides, swings, seesaws, playful castles, trampolines and other equipment. As long as tourists comply with the safety rules and regulations of amusement equipment, many accidents and dangers can be avoided.

5. The production of unpowered amusement facilities shall comply with the "Technical Conditions for Unpowered Amusement Facilities" issued by the state (GB/T 20051-2006).

In summary, unpowered equipment has high safety, strong plasticity and long service life. Those that do not meet the requirements of special equipment do not need to register with the local special equipment supervision department.

Unpowered equipment refers to equipment that has the characteristics of amusement equipment without any unnatural external force and energy. Compared with other amusement equipment, unpowered equipment has high safety factor, long service life, low maintenance cost, strong entertainment, good interaction and unique experience. Therefore, it is increasingly sought after by investors. In recent years, unpowered equipment has been seen everywhere in theme parks, attractions, commercial and real estate facilities.

Children's playground equipment

At present, the mainstream non-powered equipment in the industry includes large drilling nets, theme modeling equipment, large crawlers, trampolines, stainless steel slides, sand pools, jungle jumping platforms, physical expansion, etc. Suitable for children and youth groups. At present, it has developed into a popular device covering all age groups, with multiple playback methods, and adapting to various cultures and travel forms. It also provides ideas for exploring new forms of leisure and entertainment.

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