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How to do the children's playground operators do the daily management of the playground

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This article mainly introduces how to do the daily management of the park as a children's park operator.

With the fire in children's playgrounds, more and more entrepreneurs have invested in the children's playground industry, and the market competition has become greater. For the long-term development of Children's Paradise, in addition to the preparation of the previous conditions such as preliminary investigation, site selection, equipment purchase, and site decoration, the store management in the later stage is also very important. So, as a children's playground operator, how to do the daily management of the playground?

management of the playground

1. Environmental Hygiene in Paradise

As a service-oriented industry, children's playgrounds are all faced with young children. They must pay attention to hygiene. Children's resistance is not as good as adults. They are very vulnerable to bacterial virus infections, and many young children The children have not yet established good hygiene habits, and the amusement facilities in the park are easily messed up after many plays. As a children's playground operator, the first thing to do is to clean and disinfect in time, keep the environment of the playground clean and tidy, and create a clean and comfortable play environment for children's customers, so that parents are more willing to bring their children to the playground.

management of the playground

2. Equipment Safety

In order to ensure the safety of children and the normal operation and play of the equipment in the park, the operator of the park should regularly check and repair the equipment in the park. If any equipment is found damaged, it must be repaired or replaced in a timely manner. The equipment with damaged equipment should be stopped and warning signs and guardrails should be set up. , To avoid safety hazards when children play again.

3. Strengthen sense of responsibility and communication skills

As the manager of the children's playground, in addition to the daily maintenance of the park's image, it also needs to strengthen its own sense of responsibility and communication skills. In the daily operation of the park, quarreling problems such as parents' doubts, worries and unhappy friction between children during play have great demands and tests on the affinity, communication skills and sense of responsibility of the operators and staff. How to deal with the problem so that the satisfaction of both parties does not affect the reputation of the park is something every operator should learn to do.

4. Member Management Service

As a park management manager, it is very important to do a good job in the management and service of members! Such as member information management, consumption record query, SMS notification of preferential activities, daily care for members (such as birthday), etc.; these high-quality services will increase the value of members and increase the frequency of members' consumption. In the day-to-day operation of the park, the operation manager should do a good job and maintain the image of the park itself, enhance the favorability of customers and consumers, and make more customers willing to become loyal customers of the park.

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