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How to do market research on indoor children's playground

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It is necessary for indoor children's parks to do pre-market research, why do they have to do market research, because if the results of the survey are not accurate enough, it will often lead to failure, then how do indoor children's parks do market research? What should I do? The following Keller children's indoor playground will share some experiences for you.

Children's amusement park

1. Store environmental survey

① Need to know whether there is already a children's playground in the local area, and carefully observe the supporting situation and business model of the amusement facilities inside, and whether there are circumvention and desirability;

② See if the surrounding traffic is convenient, whether the public security is safe, and whether it is clean and sanitary;

③Investigate the prosperity of the store location, such as the surrounding business format, business atmosphere, etc.

The first step of the investigation report

Understanding the family population and income level of the family in this area is the basic factor that affects consumer demand. Family characteristics include:

Population, age of family members, income status, etc. For example, the average income of each household and the distribution of household income will obviously affect the future sales of the park.

The size of the family will also have a greater impact on future store sales. For a family of three (with only one child), the consumer demand is almost based on the child.

The age of family members will also have different needs for entertainment. Families with children focus on investing in children's food and toys.

Census of population density

The population density of an area can be determined by the number of people per square kilometer or the number of households. The higher the population density in an area, the larger the scale of the site can be.

To calculate the daytime population of an area, that is, the number of households excluding young children plus the number of people working or going to school in the area, minus the number of people going to work or school outside the country. Some random inflows are not included in the inspection.

Areas with high population density during the day are mostly office areas, school cultural areas and other places. For areas with a large population during the day, the characteristics of their consumer demand should be analyzed for operation.

For example, to extend the working hours, increase convenience projects, etc. to meet the needs. In areas with high population density, the short distance to commercial facilities can increase the frequency of shopping. Areas with low population densities are less attractive and have fewer customer visits.

Children's playground equipment

Statistics of traffic

Generally, when evaluating geographic conditions, the pedestrian flow through the location should be carefully measured, which is the future passenger flow of indoor children's parks. The size of the flow of people has a greater relationship with the number of people getting on and off the place. The survey focuses on the number of passengers getting on and off:

①The number of passengers getting on and off at each station has changed over the years.

②The greater the number of passengers who get on and off the bus, the better.

③If the number of passengers who get on and off the bus decreases, and there are no new transportation alternatives, the business district population will also decrease.

According to the age structure of customers entering and leaving the station, you can understand the needs of customers of different ages. Generally speaking, surveying the population concentration area is the focus of the choice of the paradise. Such as:

①Residential population gathering area. Such as new residential areas, concentrated residential areas, etc.

② Places for daily work, schools, hospitals, etc. are places where the population gathers during the day, that is, areas where the population is concentrated.

③ Railway stations, bus stations, subway stations, etc. are the gathering points for people to use transportation, as well as the population gathering place.

④Stadiums, tourist attractions and routes along the route are also places where people gather for activities.

Analyze the purchasing power of consumers

The consumption level of households and population in the business district is determined by their income level. Therefore, the income level of the business district population has a decisive influence on geographical conditions. Household income per capita can be obtained through a sample survey of households.

2.the consumption level and willingness survey

Investigating customer traffic is to investigate the business district or the number of rising customers, and use it as a reference for the new store's turnover system. The target of the survey should be those expecting mothers and young parents. Investigate the flow of passengers to and from the store on different days and at different times, and especially pay attention to the flow of people during holidays.

Generally speaking, the evaluation of consumption level needs to be evaluated from various aspects such as housing, transportation, clothing, family, entertainment, education, medical treatment and so on.

In addition, the survey on the consumption level of customers in indoor children's parks also needs to look at the proportion of nearby children in the total population. The more children, the larger the potential consumer group of children's play equipment.

Make a market survey questionnaire, the survey target is the parent, the question can be set similar to:

If you have a children's playground, would you like to take your kids to play?

What is the consumption standard you think you can accept?

The questionnaire format makes it easier to obtain questions about the surrounding consumption level, consumption willingness, and consumer preferences, so that the future operation, equipment selection, and ticket pricing of the indoor children's playground will be more targeted.

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