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How to disinfect trampoline park amusement equipment during the epidemic

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How to clean and disinfect the amusement equipment in the trampoline park?

After the epidemic is over, it is recommended that each trampoline hall be equipped with disinfectant, hand-washing disinfectant and other disinfection equipment in multiple places such as the front desk, bathroom, and venue walls. Before using the cleaning agent, the cleaner must make a dilution configuration according to the ratio of the instructions to avoid poisoning.

How to disinfect and clean the amusement facilities in the trampoline park? How to take disinfection and cleaning measures?

Children's playground equipment

As a public place for children to gather and play, the trampoline park must be cleaned and disinfected. Because it is a prerequisite to ensure the safety and health of children in activities, and it is also a standard for operators to operate for a long time. So many details must be done in place and done in the right way.

Common disinfection measures for most game items:

When cleaning, you can use 84 disinfectant, Welsh disinfectant, soapy water, and disinfectant detergent. Before use, be sure to dilute it and configure it according to the ratio of the instructions to avoid poisoning, and then wipe it with a rag. You can also use a watering can, diluted with disinfectant water, and sprayed to wipe. The element that needs to be paid attention to is a period of time after disinfection It will be safer to play again. You can also buy ultraviolet disinfection lamps for sterilization. At an obvious location in the children's playground, a disinfection record board is hung to let parents rest assured.

Children's playground equipment

The above disinfection and cleaning methods are suitable for naughty castles, quality development, EPP building blocks, wooden building blocks, plastic building blocks, zip lines, dry snow, slides, safety fences, climbing walls, ninja roads and other game projects.

Many people ask whether the sponge block in the trampoline park can be cleaned and how should it be cleaned? The sponge block in the diving area of the trampoline park does not have special cleaning equipment like the ocean ball pool, so the sponge block in the trampoline sponge pool is basically not cleaned, because the difficulty of cleaning, the labor cost, and the time cost are relative to one venue. To say too much, the gain is not worth the loss. Generally they are treated as fragile and consumable parts.

1. Disinfection measures for sponge block:

(1) Keep the venue clean and reduce dust pollution to the sponge block.

(2) Pay attention to ventilation, moist air may induce mildew and odor in the sponge.

(3) Try to avoid large and dusty decorations in the venue. If decoration is not necessary, please cover and protect the sponge pool.

(4) When the outdoor weather is seriously polluted, please turn off the ventilation to avoid outdoor dust pollution.

(5) Do a good job of supervision, all personnel entering the park must wear socks, and it is strictly forbidden to enter the park with shoes.

(6) Cleaners need to clean the entire venue once a day.

(7) It is forbidden to bring water and other liquids into the garden. If it is found that the sponge ball pool is wet or water, please dry it in time.

(8) The sponge pool is regularly cleaned of foreign objects at the bottom, and disinfected water is sprayed regularly for sterilization.

Children's playground equipment

2. Disinfection measures for toys of different materials:

(1) Plastic toys can be diluted and soaked with soapy water, disinfectant washing powder, bleaching powder, etc., rinsed with clean water, and dried with a cleaning cloth or dried in the sun.

(2) Cloth toys can be washed with soapy water or placed in the sun.

(3) Wooden toys that are resistant to humidity, heat and color, can be washed in soapy water and dried.

(4) Iron toys can be sterilized when exposed to sunlight for more than 6 hours.

3. Disinfection measures for indoor hardware equipment:

(1) Activity rooms, floors, walls, etc., are disinfected by ultraviolet radiation daily.

(2) The room should be ventilated frequently, spray disinfection with peracetic acid once a week, and spray 3% Lysurer regularly for toilets and toilets.

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