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How to deal with the corrosion problem of large amusement equipment

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The market prospect of large-scale park amusement equipment is very good, especially in the past two years, more and more tourists like to take risks and pursue exciting experiences. Large-scale amusement equipment can be seen in major scenic spots and parks. However, large-scale park amusement equipment will inevitably have rust problems after a long period of outdoor wind and rain, which not only affects the appearance, but also has a certain degree of stability. Affect the operation safety of the equipment. Below, I will introduce to you in detail.

1.Anti-corrosion method

This is achieved by using the anti-rust ability of the anode. The specific operation is to fix the zinc rivets to the amusement equipment. Because zinc material corrodes more easily than steel, it will corrode zinc rivets first to protect equipment. This method only requires us to replace the rivets in time.

2. Paint treatment

A common method to prevent rust is to spray rusty parts. However, the effects received by different manufacturers are different, mainly due to the choice of paint and the use of paint spraying technology. This involves some questions that investors often raise. "Obviously it is the same equipment, why the price difference is so big." Professional manufacturers use uniform coatings and multi-layer coatings for spraying, and they look the same. The equipment is correct, but not easy to rust.

3. Material upgrade

New composite materials have good corrosion resistance while ensuring the hardness of steel, but this type of material also has the disadvantage of poor conductivity, so manufacturers usually rely on specific parts when using new materials.

Large-scale park amusement equipment must pay attention to safety issues. Only if it is safe, you can have fun!

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