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How to deal with epidemic situation in children's indoor playground

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This article mainly introduces how to maintain the operation of the indoor playground under the epidemic situation, ensure the normal work of the field and the health of customers.

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The global epidemic situation is relatively severe, but it has also entered a stable situation. Under such circumstances, we must do all the backup work to ensure our normal activities and our health, especially the health protection of children’s places and the guidance and protection of children's epidemic prevention. . Today we will focus on learning about the epidemic response measures for children's indoor playgrounds.

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1. Personnel safety inspection

For the staff: All staff in the playground must complete the nucleic acid test, and the test result is negative before they can work. Regular health feedback after work.

For tourists: Before entering the playground, you need to check whether the body temperature is normal and whether there is coughing, and everything is normal before you can enter the indoor playground, and the area should be controlled by the flow of people. It is not suitable for too many people to gather to play.

2. Clearly distinguish functional areas

Since indoor places are easily contaminated with food and drinks, resulting in the breeding of bacteria, insects, etc., there must be a clear distinction between play areas, rest areas, and dining areas, and food waste must be removed every day.

Among them, the play area should be distinguished according to different game equipment. For example, in the activity area with a slide (at least 1.5 meters under the slide and near the entrance of the slide), the color must be distinguished on the ground to avoid the risk of collision between children playing or passing nearby. As another example, there are kart tracks, tricycles, etc. in the venue, and directional arrows should be added to the traffic lanes, so that children can quickly distinguish the driving direction and can be better positioned.

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3. Regular cleaning and disinfection of amusement devices

Site operations managers need to clean and disinfect visible surfaces and amusement devices on a regular basis. In Germany, this frequency is at least once a week; the ground needs to be cleaned daily, especially in the least played areas and some hidden corners. For example, under the trampoline. In addition, children's indoor play places should have good natural ventilation conditions or fresh air systems, and have a certain limit on the number of children they can receive at the same time. When entering the paradise, children and parents should be required to take off their shoes. In order to allow children to run safely in the venue, the venue can be equipped with non-slip slippers or brake socks.

4. Use of safe materials for gaming equipment

As an indoor place for children's activities, the selected materials must pass the national heat resistance test and meet the standard requirements; at the same time, the levels of harmful substances released by interior decoration materials and mobile appliances must meet the corresponding standard requirements.

Fans, ventilators, cables and other dangerous electrical equipment and lighting facilities should ensure that children cannot be touched by jumping or climbing to avoid the risk of electric shock.

5. Regular maintenance of amusement equipment

The devil is in the details, and it is very necessary for site operations managers to check the possible danger points once a day. For example, whether the screws on the game equipment are loose and exposed, whether the holes in the plastic device are safe, whether the safety net on the trampoline is cracked, whether the falling area of the appliance is protected against falling and cushioning, whether the joints of the cushion or inflatable treasure are broken, all obstacles Whether it is in the correct position and possible finger squeeze points, etc.

6. Basic hygiene management in children's places

Whether it is outdoor play or indoor play, the basic hygiene management of children's places should be emphasized. For example, to prevent contamination of animal waste, pets are prohibited from entering. In Germany, pets are prohibited in children's activity venues. As another example, set up garbage cans that can meet the requirements of rain protection in a suitable location in the children's activity venue, and conduct regular cleaning to keep the place clean. Set up children's toilets or parent-child toilets in the playground, and ensure that the toilets are clean and hygienic.

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