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How to construct EPDM rubber floor in kindergarten

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Introduction: This article mainly introduces how to construct EPDM rubber grounds in kindergartens to avoid stepping on minefields during construction.

EPDM products are developed for users who need soft ground. They can produce a variety of colors, and their performance can resist radiation and general chemical reactions. In the construction with patterns, it can show the characteristics of EPDM color particles. EPDM products have corrosion resistance and excellent chemical stability, resistance to ozone aging, heat and oxygen aging.

EPDM floor

EPDM color particle construction steps:

1. The requirements of EPDM color elastic plastic ground on the ground:

(1) Bituminous concrete or cement concrete can be used for foundation paving, and it is required to have strength and stability (cement Coagulators need to cut expansion joints, not water layer).

(2) Severe cracks in the foundation and uneven frost heave caused by freezing.

(3)The foundation must have good flatness and prescribed slope.

(4) The surface must be flat to facilitate drainage.

(5)The surface of the foundation should be kept clean and dry. After the foundation is completed,a maintenance period of more than 21 days is strictly required.

EPDM floor

2.EPDM color elastic plastic floor construction process requirements:

Process flow:

(1) Cleaning the site, the elastic bottom black, white rubber particles ingredients are mixed and paved and solidified, the pattern is set out, fixed point, drawing, partition detection point, line, and drawing rubber ingredients are mixed and mixed color EPDM for drawing and partition paving Completion.

(2) Preparation before construction of EPDM color elastic plastic ground

A small sample test must be done before construction

A: The usage of materials, such as material ratio and material curing time are normal.

B: After 24 hours, observe whether there is any solidity and whether the properties such as adhesion and strength meet the requirements.

(3)The construction personnel require (manually) to reasonably arrange the construction personnel (staff preparing, transporting, paving) according to the actual area of the site.

Construction (manual): After mixing the granules in proportion, pour them into the venue and pave them. Use heating (blowtorch heating) or soapy water to make a flat shot, pat the joints to keep the whole flat.

(4) Site thickness requirements: generally divided into two constructions, taking 12mm as an example; general bottom house 8mm rubber and plastic particles and surface layer 4mm EPDM particles.

(5)EPDM color elastic plastic floor paving process:

Surface pretreatment: On the basis of meeting the requirements, the surface should be cleaned with butyl ester first, and there must be no stolen goods, dust, water (including watermarks), and stains. After cleaning, apply primer evenly on the foundation to increase its adhesion to the ground and avoid irreparable consequences.

(6)EPDM color elastic plastic ground surface laying:

① Mix and mix the paving materials, pour the EPDM particles first, then pour the polyurethane glue. When pouring the glue, it should be poured directly into the middle of the barrel. Do not pour along the side of the barrel to avoid sticking to the side of the barrel.

Mix unevenly.

②The remaining particles in the tank should be cleaned with a scraper to avoid uneven mixing and ratio.

③ The mixing container must be larger than the material container.

④ Use polyurethane glue and EPDM color particles according to the proportion, mix and mix it into the paving according to the desired color

⑤After the materials are stirred and mixed, the use time is 30-45 minutes in summer and 1-2 hours in winter. Hardening time 12-24 hours.

⑥ Marking: The material for marking must be polyurethane white paint.

EPDM floor

3. Construction considerations

(1) The construction temperature is 15-35℃, the temperature is too high or too low, which affects the construction.

(2) The paving tool used (commonly known as trowel or push knife).

(3) Mix the granules evenly.

(4) All batches must be well connected, otherwise there will be seams if the connection is not good.

(5) Be neat when trimming.

(6) Ingredients should be prepared strictly in proportion. Depending on the particle condition, good glue is used less, and bad glue is used more; large dosage is small, small dosage is large.

(7) After the EPDM flexible floor is completed, check the residue left by the cleaning site to make the whole site beautiful.

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