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How to carry out cultural and tourism integration in the design of parent-child park

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1.Formulate a unified standard for parent-child travel. In the future, parent-child vacation tourism will increasingly meet the new requirements of culture, high-tech, cultural education, summer and summer, wind and snow, and innovative integration of business formats.

Tourism companies should be able to make a large number of independent innovations and consider the requirements of customers for parent-child vacation tourism and quality tourism. The parent-child travel sales market has significantly entered the fast track, requiring tourism companies to formulate uniform standards for each other, which is extremely beneficial to customers and the manufacturing industry.

In addition, tourism companies should also actively follow the new changes in holiday tourism consumption, upgrade product and service standards, develop and design a large number of parent-child products that meet the requirements of the home, and usher in increasing market demand.

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2. Relevant departments should formulate specific parent-child travel product implementation standards with their own characteristics based on all parts of the country, and further market segmentation of parent-child travel products, if any online travel platform service platform divides the parent-child travel sales market into 0-3 There are different age groups such as age group, 3-5 years old, 6-12 years old, and different types of tourism products are released according to age groups. Restaurants, hotel restaurants, and tourist attractions are different from general groups.

3. According to the survey, some tourist attractions with the advantages of parent-child travel should be encouraged to design parent-child travel products according to the requirements of the children.

For example, at the level of green plant appreciation, service project staff who can design professional solutions to popularize green plant expertise for children, and can even complete the WeChat chat group with children for interactive communication and communication, and can also make for the after-sales market. Suspense; at the level of folk customs, it can enhance the interaction between parent-child travel homes and the homes of a few famous people, and even include relative public welfare support theme activities.

Some new parent-child travel projects in famous tourist attractions have adopted a method that is closely integrated with the scientific spectrum experience to hold activities. This type of approach is very easy to operate and conforms to the requirements and hobbies of parents and children.

For example, there is a new interesting experience project in the Shandong Museum-the Beilin African Imperial Examination Vehicle. Visitors can see all kinds of grassland animals outside the car through the simulation of the car window glass, or take a seat in a simulated off-road vehicle to run a new version on the "grassland", or go back into the simulation cave to master the cave-dwelling animals Lifestyle... this experience is both fun and safe.

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4. It is necessary to enhance in-depth cooperation with the arrival station tourist agency and carry out in-depth development of the current tourism resource development. Nowadays, a difficult problem is that even if tourist agencies have good artistic creativity for parent-child travel, if tourist attractions cannot connect the two relative elements, parent-child travel cannot guarantee the quality. Only by producing seamless splicing of the various stages of parent-child travel can the internal function and quality of parent-child travel be sufficiently improved.

5. Improve service levels. In the "two-child period", one of the necessary conditions for maintaining the booming development trend of the parent-child travel sales market is that many "family of four" and "multi-child homes" can enjoy high-quality parent-child travel Service items to prevent unnecessary embarrassment and distress during the whole process of transportation and vacation.

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6. The combination of the design plan of parent-child research and study travel activities focuses on the theme, and the theme is the life of a parent-child research and study travel activity. Make in-depth, rich and colorful themes of experience, amusement equipment, richness, participation and study travel, such as parent-child education classes, camp education experience classes and other theme activities, which can arouse the charm of the park as soon as possible. Immediately grasp customer requirements for the park. Enable parents and children to grow up together in the experience of study travel activities and complete parent-child interaction.

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