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Four common misunderstandings in indoor children's playground project planning

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Children's playgrounds are more and more popular and loved by children, and the huge market prospects have attracted many entrepreneurs to join. To open a children's playground, investors need to master a lot of skills, and there are many misunderstandings in the planning of indoor children's playgrounds. Now, Megal Children's Paradise introduces you to several common misunderstandings in project planning, and teaches you to get out of the misunderstanding and succeed!

Misunderstanding 1: Subjective assumptions

Investors should not be subjective when choosing equipment. They should consider a series of issues such as the surrounding people, local consumption levels, and play habits. Only by choosing children's playground equipment suitable for their own venues can they maximize the benefits.

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Misunderstanding 2: Seeking more for more

Some parks have a large area but few projects, which makes people feel very empty and not conducive to the gathering of the atmosphere of the venue; while some parks are small in size and have a lot of equipment, which is very crowded and makes tourists feel uncomfortable.

When planning projects for indoor children's playgrounds, it is necessary to choose appropriate and reasonable projects based on the size and shape of the venue. In project selection, we must avoid "greed for more", too many projects, all projects may not be a good thing, tailor-made is the right way.

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Misunderstanding 3: The primary and secondary are not clear

How to make the primary and secondary clear and highlight the theme of the park? On the one hand, we can put some effort into the decoration of the venue, the configuration of decoration equipment and amusement equipment. On the other hand, in the planning, promotion, promotion and activities of the paradise, the theme of "paradise" has always been around, and over time, a unique culture and label for the paradise have been formed.

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Misunderstanding 4: Unreasonable mix of hot and cold

Relatively speaking, if there are "hot" items in the site, there will inevitably be "cold" items. Some venues, some areas burst into popularity, and some areas have no interest, which is not conducive to the operation of the entire field.

The hot and cold projects in the site must be reasonably interspersed. There are cold projects between the hot projects and there are hot projects between the cold projects. The cold projects are driven by the hot projects. The cold and hot projects run through the entire field to form a complete closed loop. Increase the residence time of consumers in your venue.

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