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Five reference factors for decoration design of indoor children's playground

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The design of indoor children's playgrounds is a science. Operators can incorporate divergent thinking and various ideas into the design of the park. While increasing the attraction of the park, they can also effectively avoid homogeneous competition. But in the design process, it is recommended that you consider the following factors.

1. Geographical factors

Different regions have different levels of social and economic development, and people have different degrees of acceptance of new things. There are also different natural environments in different areas, so when decorating and designing, these differences must be fully considered and utilized.

For example, the murals on the walls of the northern area can be designed in the style of tropical islands, blue sky and blue sea, and beach shells, which must be very popular with parents and children. Places that pay more attention to traditional culture, murals can be designed into traditional cultural story series and so on.

 indoor children's playground

2. Cultural factors

Understand the local cultural background, and potential consumers focus on education or entertainment. According to the local characteristics, the design is tailored according to the characteristics of the site. A comprehensive decoration plan can be made according to local culture, market and consumer groups.

The natural scenery and customs of different cities are different. The design of the children’s park absorbs local characteristics and brings local elements to the park. It can not only reflect its own philosophy, attract the attention of players, but also conform to the culture of the local market. different.

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3. Story factor

The theme planning and design of children's favorite, characteristics and popular cartoon characters that were more popular with children at that time. A cartoon image theme story line can be used, or the traditional Chinese cultural story line can give the paradise more cultural connotation.

In the theme, the child can be imagined as the protagonist of the story, letting the child enter the fairy tale as usual, where they have their characters and stories. Attract children's attention, fit the children's willingness to explore, and experience different fun.

 indoor children's playground

4.Economic factors

Children's park decoration design also depends on the customer's investment budget, according to the size of the park and the location of the site, according to local conditions. The decoration design of the indoor children's playground is important, but the operator should also consider his own capital.

In order to pursue visual perfection, some investors often make ups and downs in the decoration of the venue, resulting in a shortage of funds when they finally purchase amusement equipment. Based on the actual needs of the site, the investment funds should be reasonably allocated.

 indoor children's playground

5. Functional factors

Operators should follow the needs of children's activity diversity when choosing amusement equipment, taking into account the characteristics of children's strong curiosity, strong curiosity, energetic, and eager to explore the surrounding world.

In addition to the beauty of the park, the design of the park should integrate fun, participation, diversity and knowledge, and create a relaxing, natural and fully functional playground for children.

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