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Five misunderstandings of indoor children's entertainment project management

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Many operators who have just started to manage small children's playgrounds often encounter problems of one kind or another, which cannot be solved and thus affect the revenue of children's entertainment parks. In fact, the crisis can only be resolved by finding management problems and applying the right medicine. In the operation of indoor children's entertainment projects, the following five misunderstandings should be avoided in order to gradually succeed.

Misunderstanding 1: Parents who want to get a card will do it naturally

Some employees of indoor children's entertainment projects are not good at selling monthly store cards and package tickets to parents. They are too passive when making sales. They think that parents who want to get a card will do it naturally. This idea cannot bring higher profits to the park. Therefore, operators should encourage employees to become proactive, proactively introduce consumers to the advantages of children's parks, and promote the benefits of card processing, so that customers will be interested in processing park discount cards, thereby quickly recovering costs.

indoor children's playground

Misunderstanding 2:more equipment can attract customers

In fact, it is best to plan properly for the franchise store of the children's playground. Admittedly, more equipment is more attractive to customers' stay time, but it should also be reasonably matched according to the size of the venue, and a channel should be reserved for each equipment for visitors to watch, so that the franchise store of the children's playground can attract the interest of tourists. Increase profitability. If it is just to blindly increase the equipment and not reserve space, it will only give customers a sense of chaos and congestion, affecting the entertainment experience.

Misunderstanding 3:  only operating the hottest amusement projects recently

There are also some small children's playground operators who will walk into such a misunderstanding and blindly follow the trend. Recently, whatever kind of amusement program is hot, choose what. In fact, sometimes because of the industrial agglomeration effect, if the operation of the amusement project is too similar, it will cause unnecessary competition and separate its customer group. Therefore, in the face of the dazzling array of small children's playgrounds on the market, operators must observe whether they are new and understand the market conditions, and combine with their own conditions to open a children's playground that suits the needs of local amusement.

indoor children's playground

Misunderstanding 4: blindly compressing costs and causing hidden safety hazards

The safety of joining children's entertainment facilities in children's entertainment venues has always been a top priority. The "Quality Law" stipulates that all products produced and sold in China should be marked with the factory name, factory address and certificate of conformity, and should be clearly marked with Chinese characters. Choosing safe and environmentally friendly amusement equipment is the wise move of the operator.

Misunderstanding 5 : No one interacts with the selected equipment

To build an amusement park, the most important thing is the square children's entertainment equipment. Good entertainment equipment is the foundation of profit. Good interactive equipment can extend the life cycle of the equipment and repeat it repeatedly without getting bored. Not only to realize people and machines For interaction, it is also necessary to realize the interactive "game competition" between people.

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