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Fitness exercises suitable for children

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1. Long distance running

Long-distance running helps growth and development. Domestic and foreign experts have found that after a year of long-distance running training, the physical development of children and teenagers is normal, and their height and weight increase are higher than those of ordinary children. However, after all, the physical development of young children is not yet mature, and the functions of various organs are still weak. Therefore, they must load properly during long-distance running, pay attention to controlling the intensity, and arrange the amount of exercise according to their ability.

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2. Stand at attention

Practice has proved that children's insistence on "standing upright" training is very effective in correcting "O" and "X" legs. The specific method is: maintain a normal standing posture all over the body, and lift up the Dantian Qi. Those with "O"-shaped legs should keep their feet tight, and try their best to lean on the knee joints. If necessary, use a rubber band with appropriate elasticity to tie the knee joints to increase the internal strength. For "X"-shaped legs, both knee joints should be tight and both heels should be leaned inward. Do it 2 or more times a day for 20 minutes each time.

3. Table tennis

Eye fatigue is an important cause of myopia. When playing ping-pong, your eyes must be closely watched for the shuttle, from far and near, rotating and changing fast to make the eyeball move continuously, increase blood circulation, and improve the function of eye nerves, which can make the eyes tired. Eliminate or reduce, play a role in preventing myopia.

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4. Bounce

Experts believe that all aerobic fitness exercises have brain-building effects, among which bounce exercises are the best. Such as skipping rope, kicking shuttlecock, jumping rubber band, dancing, etc., can supply the brain with sufficient energy and stimulate the vitality of the brain.

Among the above items, jumping rubber band is the best. Sports medicine experts argue that it can make the body's waist, leg muscles, joints and cerebral cortex nerves get overall coordinated exercise. This fitness method is suitable for children from 6 to 16 years old, and requires a small space and a flat ground.

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5. Swimming

When swimming, the ultraviolet rays of the sun can not only kill bacteria, but also promote the growth and development of children, enhance metabolism, and promote physical health. People have to withstand the pressure of water in the water and overcome the resistance of water when swimming. Breathing is much more difficult than on land. Regular swimming can promote the development of respiratory muscles and increase lung capacity, thereby improving respiratory function. The stimulation of cold water can dilate blood vessels in the skin and improve children's ability to adapt to changes in external temperature. Swimming has a more significant effect on cardiopulmonary exercise. Swimming is also a good exercise for the heart, which can promote the development of the heart muscle, strong contraction, increase blood output, and exercise the large muscle groups of the whole body, making the body look fit and well-balanced.

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