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Fire safety knowledge of indoor children's playground

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With the popularity of indoor children's expansion parks today, children's parks are also welcomed by more and more children and parents. Especially on weekends and holidays, the popularity of children's parks can be described as "a sea of people". Indoor children's playgrounds are very limited public places. Therefore, fire safety is also valued by relevant departments and the requirements are very strict. Only the operators have enough fire knowledge to ensure that children have fun and safety. Parents can rest assured! So, what fire safety common sense should the indoor children's playground have?

Children's playground equipment

1.The materials of children's amusement equipment must be safe, environmentally friendly and flame retardant.

A large amount of toxic gas produced by combustible materials is the main cause of suffocation and death in a fire. Therefore, various materials used in indoor amusement equipment must have flame retardancy.

2. The proprietor of the indoor children's playground must achieve "Four Meetings and Four Understandings".

Four sessions: Will extinguish the initial fire; will call the police; will use fire fighting equipment; will organize evacuation.

Four understanding: know the measures to prevent fire; know the hidden dangers of fire at this post; know how to escape; know how to put out a fire.

3. Regularly conduct training and drills on fire protection knowledge of internal employees.

Regularly train staff on fire protection knowledge, formulate practical emergency evacuation plans, organize drills, and keep the evacuation passages of indoor children's playgrounds unobstructed.

Children's playground equipment

4. Knowledge of electricity safety.

When using high-power electrical appliances, keep a sufficient distance from combustibles. The electrical wiring must meet the specifications and the pipes must be in place. If the machine smells of burning or smoke, the power should be cut off immediately.

5. Expand the location of the park to avoid high floors and underground places.

According to national regulations, indoor children's places are not allowed to be located on floors above four or in underground shopping malls. They should be set up on the first to third floors of the shopping mall. There should be no less than two safety exits for the indoor children's playground, and it is better to have an independent entrance.

Children's playground equipment

6. Sufficient fire fighting equipment should be equipped.

Fully equipped with fire-fighting equipment, including evacuation indication signs, fire extinguishers and emergency lights for fire accidents, etc.

a. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

It is suitable for extinguishing first fires in places such as instruments, books and materials, live electrical appliances below 600 volts, valuables, equipment, etc., as well as general flammable liquid fires.

b. Dry powder fire extinguisher

It is suitable for fighting paint, petroleum, electrical equipment, petroleum products and organic solvent fires.

c.1211 fire extinguisher

It is suitable for fighting flammable gas, flammable liquid and flammable liquid.

d. Foam fire extinguisher

Suitable for fire hazards with polar solvents such as Class B, Class A, ketones, alcohols, ethers, heterocycles, esters, and organic acids.

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