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Factors affecting the price of children's play equipment

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What are the factors that affect the price of children's play equipment? What kind of children's playground equipment should I choose?

The price of children's play equipment is one of the issues that investors are most concerned about. When many investors come to consult the park, the most frequently asked question is: How much does the children's park invest?

To be honest, there is no actual reference for this question, and it is difficult to answer a numerical value. Because the size of the children's playground, equipment configuration, decoration level, market competition format, long-term development considerations, etc. are unclear, if you want an accurate quotation, you still need to understand your positioning and investment capabilities.

indoor children's playground

The question is coming, many investors are shopping around, and some of the children's playground equipment are expensive, and some are cheap? The same equipment, and several different quotations? Next, let's look at the impact on children's entertainment. What are the factors of equipment price? And what kind of children's playground equipment should I choose?

Influencing factors:

1.The raw materials used in children's playground equipment are different.

There are many kinds of materials for children's playground equipment. The most common materials on the market today are ABS, EVA, EPP, ABS and so on. The price of each material is different, and the characteristics of each material are also different.

In general, environmentally friendly materials are more expensive than ordinary materials, and imported materials are more expensive than domestic materials, resulting in different quotations for the same equipment.

2. the production process is different.

Each factory has its own production process, each production process will be different, and the price of the product will be different. Taking the common naughty castle equipment as an example, some companies will add one or two more layers of welding technology at the joint to ensure the safety of the equipment; for example, in sharp corners and other sharp places, some manufacturers will use soft sponges and other materials for wrapping, Prevent your child from being injured.

indoor children's playground

Generally speaking, the more delicate the craftsmanship, the more detailed the children's playground equipment, the higher the quotation will be.

3. The internal configuration of children's playground equipment

The internal configuration of the same kind of children's playground equipment is also different. Equipment such as naughty castle, Zhiyong Daguan, etc. are all freely combined by some small projects. The more projects are configured, the higher the quotation. In the same area, three-storey naughty castles are more expensive than two-storey buildings, and 8 kinds of projects are more expensive than 7 kinds of projects.

In short, the greater the investment, the more expensive the children's amusement equipment is, the higher the price.

4. Area size

In addition to the influence of factors such as materials, craftsmanship, and configuration, the size of the area is also one of the factors that affect the price of children's play equipment. Taking the naughty castle as an example, the naughty castle equipment is quoted in square, and the total price of 100 square meters and 200 square meters is different.

Generally speaking, in general, the larger the site, the lower the average price per square meter, and vice versa.

5. Product types

The above are all factors affecting the price of the same kind of children's playground equipment. In addition to these, of course, another factor is the type. Different children's playground equipment offer different ways and prices. Some equipment is quoted on a square basis, such as Naughty Castle, Zhiyong, and super trampoline; some equipment is quoted on a set basis, such as track racing, water ships, jungle sniping, etc.

So, everyone understands why children's play equipment prices are different?

The so-called penny for goods is of course the more expensive children's amusement equipment is, the more expensive it is. So, should we choose the most expensive when we choose children's playground equipment? In fact, it is not necessarily the case. Just choose the most suitable equipment on the basis of ensuring the safety and reliability of the equipment. Based on the above factors, the general quotation is inaccurate and unreasonable without knowing the site conditions and the internal configuration of the children's playground equipment needed.

indoor children's playground

Finally, it is recommended that customers choose the following points when choosing children's playground equipment:

1. Don't be greedy for cheap

As the saying goes, "cheap, no good goods", don't just look at the price of "cheap" children's playground equipment. The most important thing to remember about children's playground equipment is the safety performance of the equipment, followed by the choice of a good brand. The safety risk of cheap products is high, which is a great obstacle to later operations.

2. Comprehensive consideration of reasonable configuration

Everyone wants to invest in projects that can bring us greater profits, choose the most suitable children's playground equipment for their own venues, understand the price calculation method, and buy the most suitable and affordable children's playground equipment. From the beginning of design and planning, children's playground equipment must be considered from the perspective of operation. Therefore, it is necessary to stand from the perspective of long-term operation and profitability, conduct internal configuration and style design, and adopt the configuration plan and equipment suitable for their own venues.

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