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EPP building block park cleaning and repair

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For epp building blocks, cleaning the building block paradise is an important task. This is also about the basic children's playground, so we have to do a lot of details. We must do the same thing in the right way. Now look at the summary of common sense of cleaning, maintenance and repair of epp building blocks:

Children's playground equipment

First of all, the cleaning method of toys: the cleaning and repair of toys refers to the daily maintenance of the toy store or children's building block park, as well as the management items of the toy store. Toy cleaning has simple cleaning and complex cleaning points. Simple cleaning is to soak the toy in 1:99 diluted household bleach water for 30 minutes, and then wash it with water.

Children's playground equipment

The complicated cleaning steps are as follows:

1.Rinse with running water and wipe off the dirt on the surface of the toy;

2. Scrub with a special disinfectant to kill possible infectious bacteria;

3. Rinse with running water and remove the disinfectant;

4. In the ultraviolet disinfection room, perform super penetration sterilization for 10-20 minutes.

Children's playground equipment

The correct way to clean toys in the building block park. In order to maintain the service life of various materials and toys, and to ensure the health and safety of customers, the cleaning and maintenance of toys is very important. Toys should be cleaned regularly and fully exposed.

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