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Design specification for outdoor children's playground

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1. Terrain

Terrain is one of the most important design elements in site design, and determines the basic form of space structure. The different terrains in the playground will bring different game experiences to children.

In the design, we can use and strengthen the existing terrain with changing elevation, or the artificially-induced undulating terrain, so that children can roll, dive, slide, run, hide, etc. on it. For example, if the slope changes abruptly, you can consider using the terrain to design a slide, and a flat ground can be used to lay amusement facilities.

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2. Road and paving

① Roads are divided into two types: external roads and internal roads.

The external roads should be short and direct, so that children can quickly enter the activity area. The internal roads should be smooth and non-slip, suitable for adults and children. At the same time, it is necessary to add fun as much as possible to facilitate the use of children's cars, skateboards, bicycles and other equipment, whose width is generally between 0.8-1.5 meters.


Protective ground should be used under all game facilities, and paving materials include sand, plastic, rubber mats, loose materials, wooden floors, lawns, etc. Different floor paving materials have different characteristics, and the suitable age groups of children are also different. For example, plastic floor mats are suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old, sand is suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old, and wooden floors are suitable for a wider range of people, not only for children, but also for adults.

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3. Vegetation design


The environment is clean and hygienic is the basic requirement of the playground. If the surface of the playground is bare, dusty when dry, rainy and muddy water turbulence, then the attraction of the playground will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the playground must be covered with lawns and other plants, except for the paths and flats assembled with building materials.

② Around the children's activity area

It is necessary to have colorful vegetation and reduce the possibility of accidental injury. For example, flowers and color-changing plants emphasize seasonal changes, which are not only conducive to meeting the needs of users for outdoor leisure and viewing, but also through brightly colored and peculiarly shaped plant flowers and fruits to stimulate children's interest in natural plants and expand children's cognition.

③ Requirements for vegetation selection

Trees should be used as the main tree for shade; shrubs should be used as supplements, thorn-free and non-toxic varieties should be used, and tramp-resistant varieties should be selected for lawns. Such as: arbor Ficus microphylla, dense leaves, can shade the sun, the tree has aerial roots, commonly known as a long beard tree; carambola, with impressive flowers and fruits, fruit-shaped five-pointed star, with a certain interest; large shrub: crape myrtle, view The flowers and flowers are dense, and the bark will immediately shake the branches and leaves after being touched by human, and the whole body will tremble, showing a kind of systemic reaction of "tickling", commonly known as itchy tree.

Note: poisonous plants with thorns and flying catkins cannot be selected!

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4. Amusement facilities

The amusement equipment in outdoor playgrounds is generally complete, and you basically have everything you want to play. The most common amusement equipment can be roughly divided into four categories: inflatable, water, mechanical and electric. Each category must be designed and used under the premise of ensuring the safety of children.

Such as merry-go-round, four-person bungee jumping, track train, electric bumper car, fun car, self-control plane, small pirate ship, etc., are all small and medium amusement equipment. Easy installation and management, high safety factor.

Adding the element of water to the children's playground will make the playground more popular with children! Like small fountains, water slides...

5. Appearance

①Concrete modeling

The overall styling elements of the playground are extracted and excavated from children's daily life, with clever imagination and a strong entertainment atmosphere, allowing children to truly engage in the situation.

②Cartoon style

Appropriate use of exaggerated and anthropomorphic cartoon styles as design elements can compensate for children’s sense of fear and increase intimacy.

③Constitute the shape

This kind of children's entertainment facilities are based on points, lines and surfaces as the main design elements. The three are combined and alternately. The sense of hierarchy is strong, the functionality of the facilities is outstanding, the shape is simple and generous, and the sense of composition is strong.

Children's playground equipment

6. Color matching

The colors of the children's playground should be harmonious as a whole, and the messy color matching can easily cause fatigue and irritability of children. Regarding color matching and application, the following points need to be noted.

①The highlighted color is stronger than the overall tone.

②The product of key colors should not be too large.

③The key colors should be balanced with the overall color to avoid disharmonious isolated colors.

The design of children's playground, whether indoor or outdoor, must follow the four principles of safety, children's perspective, scale, and local conditions. Our purpose is to let children have a happy childhood, entertaining and entertaining. While playing, exercise the children's body so that the children have a healthy physique; stimulate the creativity and imagination of the children, and lay the foundation for future development.

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