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Children's playground details service

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Have these details services been overlooked by your children's playground?

With the development of the market and the increasing demands of consumers, the operation, management, and operation modes of all aspects of children's playgrounds are becoming more and more perfect and synchronized, and the characteristics that can reflect the differences between children's playgrounds are also increasing. Less. In the future, the biggest difference between children's playgrounds may be the detail services. Are these details services ignored by your children's playground?

indoor children's playground

1.Service articles

① When you see the customer, you must smile the first time and say "Welcome";

②Hand the card to the customer with both hands and say "thank you";

③ Help the children wash their hands and bracelets with patience, and guide customers to put their shoes in place;

④Seeing each customer's mobile phone or valuables in their hands, reminding customers to keep the items they bring with them so as not to lose them;

⑤When a child sees a runny nose, hand a tissue to the customer in time. When the parents are away, the staff should take the initiative to help the children wipe it, so as not to leave a bad impression on other parents, or to prevent the children from rubbing their noses into the equipment or the venue;

⑥When children see crying, they must run to appease them in the first time to avoid parents or customers having a bad impression on the service attitude of the children's park.


① When you see shoes on the ground, pick them up in time;

②The shoes worn by employees must be put back in the shoe cabinet;

③The ground outside the front desk should be kept clean at all times, if it is dirty, it must be cleaned immediately, and the stool should be placed;

④Clean the desk at the front desk and clean the shoe cabinet after get off work at night. And collect the balls (except the small balls) in the amusement park back to the ball pool, and dry the towels at the same time;

⑤Around 12 o'clock noon and around 6 o'clock in the evening to engage in front desk hygiene;

⑥Employees who work on the day after cleaning the equipment, fill in the name in the disinfection registration book.

indoor children's playground


①In the event that the shoes of the parents cannot be found, they should be found immediately. After confirming that the shoes are really lost, please leave the contact information and apologize that the park does not keep or care about anything, please understand! Children who don't wear shoes can put back the small slippers of the park first;

②If the children fight or grab something, the employee should stop it immediately; when the parents are involved in the fight or fight, the employee should immediately appease or pull away;

③The child wets his clothes and trousers, and helps him dry with a hairdryer for the first time;

④Children should be reminded in time when they are cycling too fast to avoid accidents.


① Employees should try to squat, smile and help each child entering the site to disinfect and wash their hands, because there will be a lot of bacteria that cannot be seen by the naked eye. If you enter the site to disinfect your hands, you can prevent hand, foot and mouth disease. After washing your hands, use a wet tissue to clean the children;

②Children who enter the field must take their body temperature before entering the game. If they find a child with a fever or a severe cold, they must immediately stop entering the room. They must explain gently, and use gentle words to explain;

③Help the children wash their hands, etc., be sure to see if the parents wear socks well, if they see that the parents are not wearing socks, they should be kindly reminded.

Details can often determine success or failure, and attention to details of the service may give your children's playground a big point!

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