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Children's fitness can not be blind

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Children must reduce fat from light to heavy, easy to difficult, etc. Don't be too hasty. Now children's body is not like us who used to run in the fields. There is no heat test or cold blow, and some are hot air conditioning. Heating in the room, in the cold.

When the child is very young, on the one hand, we will develop a good life habit for the child, and on the other hand, let the child lay a solid physical foundation for future professional movements. Therefore, as parents, we should do the following:

▶1. A comprehensive physical fitness assessment is a prerequisite

The most important thing for a child's fitness is to know the child's current physical state. Choosing a safe and effective fitness program is the fastest and most stable exercise.

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▶2. Fitness is a way of life

Fitness is not a difficult and tall thing. It is a way of life just like eating. You don't need to go to a specific area or use specific equipment. Regular running, family sports meetings, and more walking are all very good exercise methods.

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▶3. Exercise regularly to enhance your child's physical fitness and reduce the chance of getting sick

Reasonable and scientific training methods can not only increase children's muscle strength, cardiopulmonary function, and promote bone growth, but also strengthen children's physical fitness, increase children's healthy weight ratio, and reduce the risk of cold diseases.

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▶4. Exercise is more than strength training

When it comes to fitness, what many people think of is to exercise big muscles. In fact, this is not the purpose. Fitness includes: aerobic exercise, flexibility exercises, and strength training.

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▶5. Children's daily activity

Children's daily activity time is at least 1 hour/day, at a moderate intensity, mainly to cultivate good exercise habits, improve physical fitness and resistance, as the child’s body develops and perfects, it can continuously improve the body's ability to provide various nutrients Absorption.

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Don't force your child to exercise. Don't take your child to exercise on a whim. You should also instill the poisonous soup of "persistence is victory, don't be afraid to endure hardship". Every day's training is for the future Accumulate your life, and good health is not a day, but a lifestyle.

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