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Characteristics and advantages of EPP building block toys

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As the most environmentally friendly foam material, EPP foam material is more and more selected by more merchants and users. This article mainly introduces EPP building block toys.

EPP is the abbreviation of Expanded polypropylene, which is the abbreviation of a new type of foam plastic. EPP is a polypropylene plastic foam material, a highly crystalline polymer/gas composite material with excellent performance. With its unique and superior performance, EPP has become the fastest growing new environmentally-friendly compression-resistant buffer and insulation material. EPP is also an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled and reused, can be naturally degraded, and will not cause white pollution.

EPP building blocks

Epp material can be said to be an environmentally friendly foam plastic, and it has a wide range of uses, such as the packaging industry and the automotive industry. It is often seen in daily life that epp material will replace other types of foam plastics and become the mainstream of the market. In addition, epp materials are also used in toys. Today we will take a look at the advantages and uses of the most used epp building block toys.

EPP building blocks

Epp material characteristics:

If you want to know the advantages of epp building block toys, you must first know the characteristics of epp material. epp material is a new type of environmentally friendly foam plastic. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and good elasticity, so it can be used in the automotive industry to improve car safety. At the same time, epp materials have good durability, environmental protection, no pollution, and can be degraded, so they are mostly used in the packaging industry. The import and export market has begun to force the use of epp packaging materials. In addition, epp materials are non-toxic, non-polluting, light-weight, high-strength, and good elasticity, which is why it is used in the toy industry.

Epp toy advantages: epp building block toys made of epp materials are light in weight and strong in strength, so even if the building block falls, it will not hurt children. Epp building block toys will not produce any toxic ingredients even at high and low temperatures, and will not affect children's bodies. Moreover, epp toys have good durability, good elasticity, long use time, not easy to damage, and it is very convenient to clear. For manufacturers, it is the best material choice for building block toys.

EPP building blocks

Epp building block toy use: For now, epp building block toys are mainly used in playgrounds, children's playgrounds, shopping malls, kindergartens and other occasions, mainly for children to play and use, high safety.

Epp building block toys have obvious advantages, safety and environmental protection, and are now the first choice of many businesses

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