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After the epidemic, how does the children's paradise meet an explosive rebound

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After the storm, there will be a rainbow. After the epidemic, which industries will usher in an explosive rebound? Will the prospect of the children's playground market be affected? What preparations should the investment operators make for the recovery of consumption?

1. The amusement industry will usher in an explosive rebound

The children were unable to go out during the epidemic, and the children were almost suffocated. For children, there are not many recreational activities to choose from, and children's playground has become the first choice for most families. The children's garden not only allows children to release their mood and exercise, but also expands the scope of children's communication, and lays the foundation for future integration into society. Based on this, after the outbreak, the indoor/outdoor children's amusement park will usher in an explosive rebound.

2. What is the prospect of the children's playground after the epidemic?

The impact of the epidemic on children's paradise is temporary. Perhaps at the end of the day, people will be somewhat affected by concerns about the epidemic. The children's entertainment industry is a sunrise industry, and it is the nature of children to love to play. When the epidemic goes away, shopping mall playgrounds, children's playgrounds, trampoline parks, parent-child restaurants will usher in a burst of explosive flow of people, and various types of activities will be in short supply.

indoor children's playground

3. How to prepare for the paradise in the post-epidemic era

① Thoroughly disinfect and clean children's amusement equipment, and comprehensively inspect and maintain the amusement facilities in the children's playground.

During the closed period of the epidemic, the equipment in the park has been placed for a long time, and must be tested before re-operation to completely eliminate potential safety hazards.

② Do a good job of staff service and skill training, adjust the layout and planning of the paradise, maintain the members who bring value to the children's paradise, and do a good job in planning and publicizing the online and offline activities to welcome the recovery.

③ In the period when the epidemic has just ended, in order to avoid parents' concerns, the children's park should adopt an appointment system, control the number of people entering the park according to the area of the park, and operate in a period of time (received consumers suggest not to exceed three-thirds of the number of people approved by the site) A), and strengthen the natural ventilation in the children's playground every day.

④Customers and employees are required to wear masks when entering the park (people without masks refuse to enter the park), and provide health codes and show travel records for the past 14 days. The staff of the paradise should do temperature detection and registration for every customer who enters the store.

⑤Provide free anti-epidemic items such as disposable gloves and disposable hand sanitizer to customers for free. Arrange employees to strengthen on-site inspections and remind customers to wear masks throughout.

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