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Advantages of community playground development

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In recent years, many businesses have emerged, such as the maternal and infant economy, children's economy, e-sports economy, and singles economy. These are all business forms that will inevitably appear in the development of the times. Among them, the children's economy has a relatively large scale and many details. The industry still has a certain rigid demand, which has attracted many people.

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Apart from the basic industries of food, clothing, housing and transportation, other service-oriented economies have developed rapidly in recent years. The market format of children's economy is huge and diverse, including children's education, children's toys, children's amusement, etc. Let's talk about them. In the children's amusement industry, the advantages and pain points of operating children's playgrounds in large and medium-sized supermarkets or communities.

1. The competitive pressure is relatively small.

We know that general children's playgrounds are opened in relatively large-scale commercial complexes, and relatively few are opened around the community, or they are relatively small and have a single product.

Children's playground equipment

2. Obvious location advantages

Compared with scenic spots or large outdoor parks, community amusement has obvious location advantages. The exaggeration can be regarded as within reach, minus the travel distance, freeing up more playing time.

3. There is a basic customer group

The target customers in the community are many and concentrated. You can look at your community and how many communities there are in one kilometer around you, and calculate how many children under 10 years old will have. This is easy to get the data.

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4. Low cost of publicity planning

If the target customers are concentrated, it will be easier to advertise in the future, and the service will be done well, and word-of-mouth among neighbors will easily form a reputation. It can form accurate publicity with minimal cost.

5. Ability to develop secondary industries in multiple habitats.

Around the children's playground, many other money-making incidental projects can be expanded. For example, if children are accompanied by their parents, they can do business for the elderly and maternal and child products.

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